The Dream Raffle is Back! Win a Luxury Jerusalem Home!



Guess what?! Back by popular demand, The Third Annual Dream Raffle is finally here!

Special 2 for 1 offer! Save on Tickets to Win a Luxury Jerusalem Home!.

Following last year’s resounding success, The Am Yisroel Chai foundation is once again offering you the chance to win the keys–quite literally– to the ultimate Jewish dream: a luxury, $1,000,000, Jerusalem apartment overlooking Har HaBayit! It is the ultimate dream. And now it is within reach. YOUR reach…


That’s right: Just by entering The Dream Raffle, a luxury apartment in the heart of Jerusalem can be yours to keep. Forever.


Last year’s winner was David Rotfleisch from Toronto. Thanks to The Dream Raffle, David is planning to make Aliyah! This year’s winner? It could be you!


And now, save on tickets with a special DOUBLE OFFER!

Buy 1 ticket and we will give you 2. 

Buy 10 and we will give you 20.

Buy 100… you get the point!


All proceeds benefit the Am Yisroel Chai Foundation, an organization since 2001 devoted to supporting the people of Israel through a multitude of programs and services, including: 

  • Jewish farmers on the Gaza and Syrian borders who have been affected by missiles, fire balloons or BDS 
  • Israel’s K-9 dog unit anti-terror and search/rescue operations
  • Pre-IDF training of teens at risk
  • Haredi special education centers and many more projects across Israel 


You want in? We thought so. Enter the raffle to DOUBLE your tickets!

Enter to win.



  1. What’s the point of owning a “luxury” home in Israel, if you can’t access and enjoy it because the corrupt Israeli government won’t let you in?!


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