The Matzav Shmoooze: Can We Even Go to Levayos Anymore?

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Dear Photographers,

At the rate we’re going, people will soon hesitate to go to levayos for fear of having close-ups of them grieving, in full size and color, plastered all over the media. Can’t you stick to the far-away shots?

Can’t we let people attend and grieve in privacy?

Can we even go anywhere anymore without having to worry about being photographed?

In Mourning



  1. Matzav look on the mirror. You publicized pictures of grieving family, a close up shot just to get more hits and compete with other websites. Do you think by screaming you obsolve yourselves?

  2. Agreed, 100%
    Please have some rachmonus on the bereaved families. Don’t violate their privacy at their most vulnerable and anguished moments. This applies to your website, competing frum websites and photographers.
    This is a fundamental decency that should be a given to anyone who calls themselves frum (or any decent human being).

  3. I agree %100 percent with the writer. It has gotten completely out of control. It applies to simchos as well. Every person that has a cell phone, thinks hes doing a great tova by publicizing everyone’s private moments.

  4. Pictures of levayos don’t need to be posted. News of the levaya is enough of a statement.
    על הראשונות אנו מצטערים ואתה בא להוסיף…

  5. Rabbanim or anyone else sitting shiva shouldn’t be fodder for your cameras either. Have you lost all sense of decency and decorum?

  6. Funeral photos are not private humor. The grieving sanity of a soul looking for a hopeful prayer should not be molested. I agree. This is an issue.

  7. The statement is true, let Matzav show the way and no have Video’s from all the various levaya’s that r”l happened this past Monday. This is a tragedy of amazing proportions let us all do teshuva and that these holy korbonos should not be in vain. Every korbon that was brought in the Bais Hamikdosh the people had to do teshuva otherwise the Korbon would not accomplish it’s purpose. Every segment of our society was touched, four yeshiva bochurim, a menhales in a Bais Yaakov a daughter of a Rebbe, bus travelling from Yerushalim to Bnei Brak, not far from Kiryat Sefer, they are demanding from us to change our ways, if the holy Chofetz Chaim was here with us he would know what to learn from this, let each one of us do a proper teshuva and we will be zoiche to the Geula Shelaima and the heading to this Article will be correct iy’h we wont have to go.


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