The Matzav Shmoooze: Fools

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internetDear Editor,

The stupidity coming out of the recent Yair Hoffman article on Jay Leno and halacha is most interesting and should be in the Guinness Book of Records, and you, the people at Matzav, are the other fools for posting anything he writes, even if it makes no sense at all.

No wonder when I went to Selichos to Rabbi Schorr, he mentioned your and another website and advised everyone not to bother with looking at them.

Good luck and have a blessed new year, and just post whatever comes through as long as you have readers.

Izzy Berkowitz


  1. But You just could not hold back… and you looked anyway. And you blogged as well…

    Back to R’ Schorr for Shabbos Shuva.. Maybe.. Just Maybe you’ll be able to …

    (writer suddenly stopped)

  2. Yup and all of a sudden every event in MetLife or citified stadium is kosher news
    Plus the non stop pandering to different groups in klal Yisroel that were always considered by GEDOLAI YISROEL as people we should stay away from.

  3. I’m thinking that the editors enjoyed posting this short tirade in all of its incomprehensible glory.

    But perhaps the author should be spared the bushah of having his name forever associated with this illiterate rant.

  4. I guess you didn’t listen to Rabbi Schorr. Not only did you visit the site, you even posted here. It’s not too late! You can stop visiting this site and that one, going foreward.

  5. How about if, instead of simply bashing Rabbi Hoffman, actually telling us, with cogent and intelligent arguments, what you thought was wrong with it?

    The Wolf

  6. I give matzav credit for printing the letter even though it criticizes the site.
    I happen to disagree with the write, but it takes guts to print words condemning you, so youve shown you have such backbone. good for u

  7. It’s safe to say that Rabbi Hoffman’s article was not primarily intended for Reb Berkowitz, nor was it geared toward the interests of the heimishe oilam. I believe most readers understand that Rabbi Hoffman authored an informative piece that piques the interest of a segment of klal yisrael (whether we deem that desirable or not) and conveys a commendable message. Matzav’s decision to post the article in question on their site is a separate issue and it’s their prerogative to comment on their choice of content.

    A gut gebentched achdus-filled yur to all!

  8. Matzav should be put on the Kol Korei list of assur websites
    Get off your high horse, you little babies, at Matzav!

  9. Maybe you should get off your high horse and stop demanding anything that does not fit your version of Judaism to be banned.

    Matzav does a great service by offering news, Yartzheits, editorials, and others all for a Frum audience. Just because it is not up to your standards does not mean you have to run to the nearest Beis Din to shut them down. Grow up and stop coming here if you do not like it. But don’t make all the readers here adhere to your version of Judaism.

  10. I personally think the letter writer has something in common with Leno, they are both comedians. In fact, if Izzy Berkowitz ( I am sure thats his real name ) was a staunch supporter of Rav Shorr, he would not have been on the internet let alone blogging to begin with. Lighten up a little, even in ellul. Its all in jest

  11. #22
    “Maybe you should get off your high horse and stop demanding anything that does not fit your version of Judaism” should not be banned.


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