The Matzav Shmoooze: I Was Robbed And Shomrim Wouldn’t Help Me

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Everyone knows the good work that Shomrim does. If there is a shoplifter, an attempted burglary or attempted robbery, Shomrim respond immediately. More often than not, the subject amount is relatively small – a bike, wallet, some jewelry, etc. – yet we collectively appreciate the sense of law and order that Shomrim provides.

Morai verabbosai, I have a grocery that is the source of parnassah for my family. I am owed hundreds of thousands of dollars by people who have the means but refuse to pay. I am told that other grocers have a similar problem. This is robbery. Why is this allowed? Kol demai achicha zoakim aylai, damim tarti mashma. It is Aseres Yemei Teshuvah. Please, pay up.

Your Local Grocer



  1. if you send them a monthly letter letting them know of their current balance & they still do not pay up then it is time to go to the next step.

    time to send them a letter of all the aveiros they are commiting each day they do not pay their balance. among them:
    Aveiros Committed each day your payment is not made

    1) פעולת שכיר לא תלין -You should not delay the wages of your worker overnight (day, week or month deal)
    2) לא תגזל -Do not steal (Aseres Hadibros)
    3) השב תשיבם Return a lost object to someone (& if you robbed someone you should return it)
    4) ואהבת לריך כמוך- Love your Neighbor as yourself & do not do something to someone, something you don’t want to be done to you.
    5) לא תחלל את שם קדשי -Don’t desecrate Hashem’s holy name (Chillul Hashem)
    6) יראת יהוה ואת מצותי -Fear Hashem & his Mitzvos

    these are just a few among other aveiros not listed.

    may they all do teshuva & pay their balance to you.

    another piece of advice: If someone owes a lot of money from a lot of orders-& not just one big order-you might want to think next time they make an order before accepting their order without a credit card to charge.

    May Hashem Help you & may you have a c’siva v’chasima tova

  2. A. I don’t think you are shocked that this is happening so stop with the “I can’t believe it”.
    B. How do you know that they have the means but refuse to pay? That’s pretty judgmental and maybe even an accusatory statement to make before aseres yemei teshuva.
    C. The shoe store, suit store, cleaners, seforim store or hat store don’t let people buy on credit.
    You created this monster by letting yidden buy on credit. Please don’t flash the teshuva card by asking them to pay. Maybe the person that was machshil people should do teshuva.
    D. Finally, you are not the only heimishe yid owed money. There are halachos as to whom a baal chov needs to pay first. You should ask a sheila from a competent posek as to how to go about collecting your debts.
    A gut yom tov.
    A baal chov.

  3. Very stupid and irresponsible headline! The pathetic writer is insinuating that Shomrim did something wrong. Today is Erev Rosh Hashana. He Owes every member of Shomrim an apology. This loser of a store owner has to take his personal gripe public?! What exactly is this idiot trying to accomplish? Matzav, of course, doesn’t have the basic sechel not to publish such a headline or article. That part doesn’t surprise me.

  4. So end the credit when a customer reaches a 75.00 dollar amount. A grocery store has small enough margins and no owner should extend credit. Especially for products that can’t be collateralized or repossessed. It is the desire of on owner to help the customers, yet that desire must be tempered with the reality of finance.

  5. How can you write and shomrim didnt help me if they cant the first impression of seeing the header is in a negative way to shomrim and though the article doenst say anything negative about them how can we let people think that

  6. On Eerev rosh Hashana.

    shame on you MATZAV for not posting my HONEST message i sent

    i’m ashamed to be jewish when i see how dishonest& corrupt YOU ARE. how will you answer HASHEM in bais din shel maala when asked if you were honest in Business? my post i sent earlier was the pure truth & also included tips & chizzuk for the store owner.

    you should fast & say tehillim for at least 3 extra days & perhaps Hashem will forgive you if you become honest. start the new year with truth & honesty otherwise how do you expect Hashem to forgive you if your not willing to do teshuva & return to honesty?

    If you’re not going to accept peoples honest opinions/comments then why bother to even have a comment section? This is not communist Russia. If you publish articles/stories and you want to have an honest dialogue, so leave your viewers comments untouched. You cant keep sanitizing your viewers comments to fit your agenda. If you feel the particular article is too “controversial” so don’t publish it. If you want to be a professional website, you cant have it both ways.

    • Does it really matter if they have the means or not.
      It’s a nebach find a charitable org to assist you. Don’t put and innocent man in dept because of that.

      Yes that is genaiva you buy and don’t have with what to pay. Go to masbia or something. Shame on you for that comment.

    • “B. How do you know that they have the means but refuse to pay?”
      “Also to the writer, it would be worth double checking if they actually have the means to pay.”

      The economic system, that we’re still kowtowing to,is bound to cause this over and over !

      The ones who are easy with others’ money are the ones who rise to top of hill

      The straight shooters ; the ones who are conscientious
      ,the ones who really ought to be on the Top,
      rarely rise above lower middle /middle class

  7. Your Local Grocer,

    First and foremost,even though it would be unfair to the honest
    among us ,you ought to change your credit policy

  8. Ask your local grocer how much pple owe him. And ask if the purchases were for staples or for nosh.Ask him if the people are “of means”. The writer is correct; those who are shayne yidden oif yenem’s cheshbon should be publicized.


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