The Matzav Shmoooze: Kedushas Hasukkah – Have People Forgotten?

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sukkahDear Editor,

Ah gutten moed to all of Klal Yisroel.

Thank you Matzav for understanding the kedushah of a sukkah. Perhaps people may not realize that hilchos sukkah is not just how to build one and what to eat in it. It also includes how we must treat a sukkah. A sukkah is a special room with so much kedushah that we are not even supposed to leave dirty plates in it after we are finished eating.

I cannot understand how it is possible that there are people who think that bringing aino Yehudim into their sukkah is okay. How dare we take such a special mitzvah of sitting in our sukkah and share it with aino Yehudim, even if they are elected officials. If someone wants to host a politician to develop a stronger connection for our community, that is wonderful and may be very helpful, but do it in your dining room or office or somewhere else, but PLEASE not in a sukkah.

At least your website, from what I have seen, has not reported these meetings. Thank you for not showing us pictures of these people sitting in a sukkah.

I can be contacted through Matzav if anyone wishes to discuss this further.

Ah gutten moed.

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  1. Idiocy. You’re not allowed to cook for non-Jews on Yom Tov under most circumstances, but who ever heard of not letting a non-Jew in the Sukkah? In fact, Sukkah is one of those mitzvot that impress our neighbors with the Jewish love of kedushah, and also plays a significant part in kiruv. And what about a non-Jewish maid or home health attendant? Get real.

    (Granted, making a photo-op for politicians in a sukkah just to score points is disrespectful.)

  2. Dear Old-timer,
    Clearly he doesn’t mean your former point; rather just your latter one.
    On a separate note, I can’t fathom why people look for all the ‘hetayrim’ to avoid using the hayliger Sukka. Achilas aray, mitzta’er, “NOT” mechuyav etc. True if you don’t want His hayliger mitzva the halocho gave you an easy out. But who wants out from such an awesome opportunity? Aside from mikveh it’s the only mitzva we go into with our entire body! So many attraction parks have them set up why, pray do tell, do people opt out?
    Take your food and go into the all encompassing room of kedusha.

  3. The Succah symbolizes the Clouds of Glory that surrounded Bnai Yisroel in the desert. There was no consideration given for the Erev Rav to enter!
    Bringing in non-jews into the Succah chases away the Tzilah Demhenussah.

  4. In the yoitzrois it is written that an uncircumcised shall not enter the succah. This definitely means that a aino has no place in the succah

  5. According to some opinions, one should not bring an aino Yehudi into the Sukkah unless one first covers the Schach (with an awning or other method) so that the Sukkah is not Kosher at that time. Piskei Tshuvos 639:3

    this if from halacha-a-day

  6. To the contrary, we must start showing HKB”H that we are different than our tormentors, we do not diminish the preciousness of a Human-Being based on what kind of a mother he was born to.
    Then we can hope that HKB”H will Never-Again bring on any Holocausts on us.

  7. #13, send your kids to public school then. stop making up your own halachahs. I believe the same holds true about the Seder table. Thank you #11 and #12.

  8. # 13, incorrect. The tragedy you refer to emanated precisely from a place where you equaled all humans, without realizing there are differences. You threw out the laws of separation (as are applicable to Sukkah as well), so God allowed them to write the laws of separation. The results you brought were truly horrendous. Don’t dare to suggest a repeat, G-d forbid!

  9. I agree with number two with a caveat. I am not a Rav or posek. Al pi hallacha we must be Dan lkaf zechus and assume that if there are issues that a Rav was consulted.

    As for #13 please be careful when playing the role of navi. This can lead to dangerous results.

  10. We must start teaching our children to have sincere caring, respect and empathy, for all Human Beings. Hashem will reward us Middoh Kneged Middoh, and Never-Againg bring on any hatred towards us. No more Inquisitions, Pogroms, Holocausts, Etc.

  11. It is found in the Yotzros of Yom Sheni the words are

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  12. We eat “Shehakol” foods indoors because its very difficult to keep going up & down 3 flights of stairs, then walk all the way around to the back of the house! Nothing personal.

  13. Everyone is entitled to do as they please but if you don’t want an aino Yehudi in your sukkah please think twice before you invite someone with a health aide. Someone who is extremely hospitable all year long invited an elderly person to join them for the Yom Tov meals & when they arrived they did not allow the aide to enter the sukkah. It happened more than one seuda & the aide was very insulted. Please note this aide is 24/7 & never leaves the person. This incident caused a lot of aggravation for the person&family. B”H we were able to smooth things over & didn’t lose the aide that has been good to our parent for many years.Just a reminder a chesed is not something to make the giver feel good it is something that benefits the recipient. We are respectful to people who don’t want an aino yehudi in their sukkah – we would be the same way but in life circumstances change. It is our parent we have no choice but you do.


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