The Matzav Shmoooze: Kiddush Hashem at a Monticello Pizza Shop

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Dear [email protected],

A frum boys camp finished the first trip on Tuesday. The boys who came for the second trip arrived yesterday. Since yesterday was an “in-between day,” they took the campers who are staying the full summer for an outing for pizza. One group went to a pizza shop in Woodridge and the other went to Monticello.

When it was time to pay at the Monticello shop, the chaperon pulled out a check that the camp gave him and he realized that it was written out for the competitor’s shop. He was in a bind. He had a bill of almost $700 (!) and no way to pay for it

Suddenly, out of nowhere, an anonymous donor pulled out a check and wrote it out for the full amount.

Mi ke’amcha Yisroel.

A Proud Jew



  1. There is something called a credit card. Not sure if you ever heard of one. The camp could of easily paid for the pizza with one, over the pbone. They could of easily brought in a new check later in the day. Which “donor” just happens to be sitting in a pizza shop in the Catskill’s on a Tuesday afternoon jammed with a bunch of teenagers? Doesn’t he have a job? If he is dishing out $700 dollars to total strangers, doesn’t he have to make a living? The parents of these campers paid a LOT of money for Camp tuition. The camp is not struggling and is not a tzedaka case. Camps are a business just like any other. No donor walks into my store and says “gee, let me pay your suppliers for you”.
    If this “donor” Really wanted to make a difference, he should of donated directly to the camp to start a scholarship fund to truly help those parents who can’t afford the high prices of camp tuition.

    • How sad that you have soooooo much rationalization for criticizing a nice deed. Someone was there, he saw a fellow Jew in a bind and said that he will pick up the tab. People that work and have some disposable cash cant happen to be in a restaurant in middle of the day?

      Who hurt you? Why are you in such a dark place? Get help!

  2. Ending off the article with the words, “Mi ke’amcha Yisroel” suggests that our neighbors who happen to be born as Non-Yidden, are not capable of doing good deeds. The fact is just the opposite; there are many many stories of decent Non-Yidden who do exemplary good deeds. We also see them becoming emotionally distraught when something bad happens to another human being ‘Regardless of Ethnicity’.
    We must start teaching ourselves and our children to have sincere caring and empathy to every decent human being, regardless whether its a Yid or a Non-Yid.

  3. Thank you #1 4 that hate. you mammesh r hard working to make that kiddush hashem into a chillul hashem.
    #2, i dont know why u r reading so hard into that line. we didnt make up “Mi keamco yisroel”. its the torah. dont contradict it. that would be cv”s kfirah. yes, jews r special. we carry a responsibilty 2 b mekadeish sheim shamayim. we r supposed 2 work on our middos and do chessed. a yid is more holy than a goy. FACT. u r however right that we should teach our children that even hashem has mercy on goyim “verachamav al kol maasav”. we must care about goyim as well. but we first must care abt our jewish brothers, as u wld ur biological brother.


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