The Matzav Shmoooze: Please Stop the Leitzanus

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computer-screenDear Editor,

Please do not post any comments or blogs. All they are filled with is mockery of everything a Torah true Jew holds dear. They are a great Chillul Has-hem, and are destroying the very fabric of our Heilige Yiddishkeit. Many D’oraysa are being Oiver and trampled on in the name of jest (which in itself is a transgression of Latznu -one of the viduis we klap ten times to on Yom Kippur).

I am sure you know very well that Leitz Achas Doche Maya Tochachos- One jest can push aside 100 rebukes. What then is the point of printing Divrei Torah or Hisorrerus if at the same time with one comment you will be pushing away 100 of them! Perhaps it is better not to print and close down Matzav than to lower the dignity of Torah, Chazal, Tzaddikim, Divrei Mussar, etc.. in the eyes of even one Jew!! How can one not tremble to even have such achrayus on his record?!

Please have rachmanus on klal Yisroel and do not tempt them in this fashion. Be the first website to state proudly, strongly and firmly, in the name of Torah, (and any gedolim whom you wish to consult with) that you hereby will stop, unequivocally to be a partner in this chillul of everything as Jews we hold so dear.


Name Withheld


The Matzav Shmoooze is a regular feature on that allows all readers to share a thought or analysis, long or short, one sentence or several paragraphs long, on any topic, for readers to mull over and comment on. Email submissions to [email protected]

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  1. Name Withheld may actually be saying lashon hara massively by claiming that ALL comments are filled with mockery. Conceivably, this article itself is mockery. Comments here are moderated, so offensive comments can be kept off the web site.

  2. Agreed. I would love to be able to check this site for the Torahadigga news without the temptation of reading the comments. In truth I really can just skip them and who cares what they say but sometimes our values etc. are trampled on (like the ad – somehow still on this site) and then I feel a need to respond. Because if I don’t respond then after my time here is up and I go upstairs I don’t want to be asked why I didn’t comment

  3. Thanks it is time to speak up about this
    subject. Often I feel people make comments
    just to get the subject going.
    Please keep reminding us what we are all about.
    Have a great & wonderful Shabbos Kodesh

  4. its time to asur comments. but then noone would log on to the websites.its like asking newspapers not to take ads for hotels for pesach or political ads with these rabbonim or askonim backing ploni. its going to hurt someone’s bottom line so it won’t happen.

  5. A couple of points Mr Withheld. Firstly Matzav is extremely careful what comments they approve and I challenge you to find one comment that denegrates talmidei Chachamim and any comment that transgresses loshon hora. Secondly, why is your name withheld?

  6. if you dont like the comments dont read them who are you to decide what is proper and what is not
    if you join a conversation in shule and you dont like it for whatever reason walk you walk away
    do the same here

    dont place you chunras or mishegassen
    or other nonsense that you dream up as something that everyone has to go along with

  7. #2, where does he say that? He only says that there have been such comments. That does not by any stretch of the imagination mean all comments.

    #8, why do you not post your full name?

    WOW !

    Mr.Wthheld,make sure you change your fowarding address with the post office so they know which cave you are moving to.
    ……..I’ll see ya in a year

  9. You could kill yourself so that you won’t c”v commit any more aveiros…….it would only be the one aveiro.

    What a tzimishte logic you have.

  10. I come to Matzav, davka for the comments. The “news” you can get anywhere. Comments you can’t! I find it very entertaining in a kosher way! Unfortunatly when it comes to touchy issues they go into overdrive to “cover up” for their freinds, but lemaaseh they let most go thru. Chazak Vi’ematz!

  11. actually for all those who want proof of degrading, disrespectful, comments, WHICH ARE NOT BLOCKED BY THE MODERATOR take a look at #’s 12 and 15. Actually # 12 has just given us an example of “letzanus” exactly as stipulated in Orchos Tzaddikim, “B’MEHUDAR”.

  12. I agree with the commentator 100%. Many people read these posts, and it is a tremendous Chillul Hshem. Leitzonus is not the way of klal Yisroel

  13. This post carries a lot of generalizations and assumptions. Additionally, it is written in a very abrasive way – not a way that tochacha (if it is indeed valid here!) will be accepted.

    The Shela explains the Pasuk  in Mishlei (9,8)  “al tochaiach leitz, pen yisnaeka; hochach l’chacham, v’yehaveka”, that it’s referring to one and the same rebukee. Do not rebuke a person by telling them that they are a leitz (and focusing on that aspect of their personality). Rather, focus on the chahcam part of the person – and seek to strengthen it, and you shall be loved for your successful rebuke.

  14. #28
    is a good example of the abberant nature of the censors.Similar comments (usually the other way)have been censored.

    Better to get rid of all comments

  15. At the end of the day, you’re only in this world for one thing. You can’t argue with that.
    No matter who you are.

    And do the comments add to that goal?

  16. I wish Matzav would publish my comments. Unfortunately, almost all of them are censored. I disagree with the writer of this piece, as Matzav does not allow freedom of thought and speech. I should be entitled to articulate my thoughts and to be given the opportunity to defend them.

  17. i would love to be able to turn off all comments.
    i find that there is generally more stupid comments and outright rishus being posted (even with censoring) to want to read them.
    and to all the people that would blast me for saying this “you are proving my point”
    i don’t care about censoring anyone. I. Just. Don’t. Want. To. Read. It.

  18. There is no way to turn off the ads in the subway, either. I hope you don’t read those.

    Point is, people who think like that are the reason we need to ban things. Responsible people take responsibility for themselves and self censor, or take responsibility for what they see when they don’t.


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