The Matzav Shmoooze: Why Did You Post the Rebbetzin’s Picture?

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rebbetzin-kanievskyDear Editor,

First of all, thank you for your spectacular website. On Motzoei Yom Tov, I was distressed to see the news about Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky a”h. We are in a time when we need lots of zechuyos. We lost major pillars of Klal Yisroel last year. As a Jewish woman, I feel like I personally lost something. The Rebbetzin was everything we women should be, what we aspire or should aspire to be.

A very serious topic for girls today is tzniyus. Today, it is a major, major nisayon for all women, and people are scared to talk about it, frankly, because people don’t want to hear it. I’m not someone who doesn’t know…I’m a young 21-year-old! I’m the same way. But my point is that I feel like Rebbetzin Kanievsky was holding us up. We girls lost someone major and must make sure to take more upon ourselves, and be extra careful, because, after all, the tznius of women of Klal Yisroel hold up the whole Klal Yisroel.

I was thus very disappointed in your website when I saw the picture of Rebbetzin Kanievsky. I wouldn’t want my picture posted, any place, especially on the internet. And I’m just stam a girl! It is a bizayon for Rebbetzin Kanievsky to post her picture. She was the epitome of tznius.

We all need zechuyos. Please do the right thing and not post her picture like you did.  Please. For her. For you. For me. For all of us.

Thank you.

Tizku lemitzvos.

A 21-year-old bas Yisroel


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  1. Dear bas yisroel r you out of your mind what wasn’t tznisdick about the picture please enough of this going overboard I pity your kids exterme only causes proplems

  2. Dear 21 year old bas yisroel,
    I admire your dep sincerity. Yet I can not help but comment after reading your blog. You have asssumed that just because you would not have wanted to have your picture posted that the Heiliger Rebbitzen would have wanted the same. Maybe yes and maybe know. It is your assumption. I am not discussing the intricacies of tzniyut. But don’t make assumptions.

  3. Bas Yisroel,

    I don’t say this carelessly, but I think you need therapy. This holy woman was like a Bubbie to everyone, and her picture is no less holy than all of the other gedolim pictures that are out there. It’s important to see her face.

    Your logic of not wanting to post the picture of a holy woman because of some crazy version of tznius leads to the Taliban weirdos who wear that burkha. And that’s just not authentic Yiddishkeit.

    And for the record, it’s not “you girls” who lost someone. It was all of Klal Yisroel.

  4. Yeah! I echo the letter writers heartfelt pain and distress over this terrible avla of posting such pictures. And you call yourself a frum website? What a pritzus geder! For shame!

  5. I’m curious if the shmooze here is about a girl complaining about a picture, why did you post it bdvaka in this article again?
    Could the editor at least give an explanation?

  6. I was wondering myself as to why posted it- any explanation? At the very least, don’t post it with this girl’s letter- it seems like you’re mocking her.

  7. Dear Bas Yisroel
    In principal I agree with you but not in this case. All women and girls should see how a true bas yisroel should dress. As the saying goes a picture is worth a 1000 words

  8. Note that the editors’ response is front and center; they posted the picture again (gratuitously?) in posting the letter!

  9. Dear bas Yisroel, Respectfully many frum people do not agree that a frum women’s face is a bizayon. We believe Rebitzen Kanievsky lived her life giving chizuk to thousands of women and her image will continue to give chizuk for many years to come. In our perilous times we need visual chizuk as well as verbal and written chizuk. It may be attitudes like yours that are bringing the burka movement to our communities by making women feel ashamed of their faces.

  10. The letter writer is correct. I think Matzav is going to try and expalin in a lenghty convoluted way why they were right. However, I feel the greatest lesson can be taught by Matzav, by simply saying “you are correct’ – you have a valid point”. We were overtaken by the tzar and anguish of the moment and didn’t think the entire thing through as well as we should have! It would even be improper to show a picture of the Nevious of Tenach (if we had them).

    This will teach both young and old that when one makes a mistake, the proper thing to do is admit it. Gevaldige Musar Haskel that can be learned L’ilui Nismosoh.

    Chag Someach

  11. L’ilui Nishmosoh, you may want to elucidate the halochos for those unfamiliar, what happens if someone is cholilah niftar in yom tov, when do they sit shiva and for how many days

  12. Have you lost your mind? Or are you a troll?
    This whole “no pictures of women” thing is a brand new mishegas.

    If in fact Rn Kanievsky has provided so much for the Jewish world, let people see her picture, and be reminded….

  13. I disagree with 21 year old. I think that her picture should be posted as a lesson for all of us as to what it means to dress btznius and lead a life of tznius. She was not in the limelight because of her flambouyant lifestyle, but because she was an “Eisha Tznua” She should be a role model for all of us to follow. “Tehi Nishmasa Tzrura Bzrur Hachaim”
    She should be a Malitza Yosher for all of Klal Yisroel.

  14. I compleetly agree! And we have other problems to deal with also. I live in Boro Park when I am not in Yeshivah and sometimes go shopping for my mother and the woman are all in the stores and all the bocurim helping their mothers are there too. Its so not tniyusdik. Something has to be done.

  15. Whether the writer is right or wrong, one thing is for sure that all this name calling and worst is the last thing that Rebbetzin Kanievsky would have wanted. My two cents is there is really nothing wrong in posting a picture of her – remember this site is visited by all types (and gender) of yidden and many who were not zoicha to see her would appreciate seeing a picture of her. And for those that think otherwise you know what ….. Don’t Look!! But to force your opinion on others is just not acceptable.

  16. ok hi! i wrote that letter and FYI it wasnt a joke, but i seriously had NO IDEA they would post it!
    uy ppl what does hashem want…thats the qu. we always have to ask ourselves. let me teach you people that think im crazy a little something, ITS USSER for men to look at woman! hi totally USSER!!! if u wana make it a “tznius lesson” for all other girls then do it in a place that ONLY girls look. the point of the ‘NO WOMAN PICT’ thing, isnt because of the woman being not tznius, but rather men shouldnt be looking at woman! she was very tznius woman indeed and we DEF should learn from her, so, bring your daughters to see a such a great lady, in person. but its not a place here.

    Hashem should have rachmunus on us all!

  17. I was thrilled to see her picture. I did not have the zechus to see her in her lifetime
    she was the epitomy of a tnius and tzadekas
    it was very inspiring to see what she looked like after hearing so much about her. get your picture out of the wedding album men will look at it

  18. I’m willing to bet you’re either single or divorced. Either way you should seek therapy for behavioral Personalty disorder. You are extreme in your views to the point of detriment to yourself and to others.

  19. BS”D

    Don’t you think some here got a little carried away – or even nasty – all in the name of Tznius? A major part of Tznius is the way we express ourselves – not only in dress but with the writen word and our speech as well.

    This young girl seems to be a lovely, sincere person and no doesn’t need therapy because of what she so beautifully expressed.

    Yet, Zeeskeit while you are correct in general that pictures of women – for many different reasons shouldn’t be posted – this situation is different. Exactly for the reason that you yourself bring. Reb. Kanievsky was not only one of the Gedolei HaDor’s wife but she herself a tremendous Tzadeikis and Great Women. It is for that very fact – that for her it is ok for us to see her picture because of her exceptional Tznius. Also she was already older at this point – so its different than having your picture posted. Being that she was in a unique position – in my opinion its important for us to see what she looked like so we can emulate and cultivate ourselves in her ways.

    May we all be Zoche to be Tniuim/os in all ways – part of which is to be gentle when one expresses an opinion that differs from our own.

  20. dear writer you are correct in that your picture should not go up there at 21 you have a life to live shidduchim to pursue etc. and there is a lack of tznius. this tzadekes is no longer with us and in the olam haemes only the good is there as we can see it shining from her face. let that face inspire you to tzidkus and maasim tovim. I met her recently and there would have been no busha on her part that the picture is there. I show the picture I have with her regularly to my daughters and sons so they see what true emunah and ahavas yisroel is!! be careful to many gidarim can make a michshol on their own.

  21. BS”D

    What do you suggest? Separate stores or men and ladies’ hours for shopping? Again, everyone has a chiyuv to be Tznuim/os but we live in a world and our view needs to be balanced. If the women are b’Tznius what is wrong with them going shopping with the help of their sons?

  22. Maybe they should go the way of certain publications and not even publicize her name. Or even use the word “rebbetzin”.Obviously, if she agreed to be photographed she would not have minded he picture publicized.

  23. I have a bigger question. If this supposed 21 year old girl is for real and concened about tzenius, you shouldnt be on the internet.

  24. Bas yisroel,
    please explain how posting one’s picture on the internet, especially if one is dressed b’kavod, is not tznius?
    thanks, needs an explanantion

  25. Zeeskeit,You don’t need therapy for what you wrote, you seem to be very honest and sincere, yet in Reb Kanievsky’s case it was ok to print the picture since she is a tremendous Tznua. It sounds like it could be a contradiction but if you think about it its not. No bad can come from having her picture posted. Only good – since she was the model of Tznius. In 99.9999% of the times pictures of women – for many reasons shouldn’t be posted yet again she and this is the excption to the rule – she understood our doe and how badly we need that chizuk I don’t think she would mind. Its like seeing a picture of your mother or grandmother. She was one of the Matriarchs of the dor. Therefore its ok.

  26. Just because you don’t agree with the letter writer doesn’t mean you have to be so hard on her. That too is part of tznius. Tznius is how we express ourselves in all ways – not just dress but the written word and speech as well.

  27. Do u think the Rebbetzin would have wanted her picture posted? I doubt it. Maybe Matzav can ask that of her revered husband, sheyibodel l’chaim.

  28. I completely agree! I am a woman and am personally okay with publications that show pictures of women and with those that do not. I also think that as I myself, a “normal” girl wouldn’t want my picture shown publicly, I am sure that Reb. Kanievsky would not have wanted her picture shown as she was an exceptional tznuah.

  29. The general response in the comments is that she was a tsadaikus.Agreed! BUT Who is going to be the expert to decide who is or isn’t a tsadaikus.
    who will determine whats old? is someone at 60 old? or 70, 80, or 90? or maybe showing a 50 year old there is no problem?

    Question: If someone is a tsadaikus, why wait till after they are deceased to place their picture, why not show them as an example while alive?

  30. when r chaim spoke for lev lachim by video hookup the rebbitzen was front and center on the video and even made birchas hatora lifnei col am veidah

  31. there is ZERO wrong with posting the picture! if you will have problems as a result of such a picture of such a heilige tzadekes then you need, and should get HELP!

    by the way i personally stood and talked with this tzadekkes in her tiny kitchen this past summer. she very sweetly took my wife name and that of my daughters and put those names in her personal siddur!

  32. i see this as one person wanting to dictate her or his own oppinion to others that is truly wrong
    to dominate others because she feels that way what nerves she has to come here and write such nonsense.

  33. Kol HaKavod to the young woman who has her values straight and her sensitivities properly attuned.

    Shame on Matzav for posting the picture alongside this letter. Even if we do not always adhere to the highest form of tznius we ought to appreciate those who do.

    It would behoove Matzav to seek Rabbinic guidance in this regard and not relegate a shayla of this nature to the whims of misguided commentators.

    Again, I applaud the young woman who expressed her heartfelt opinion in such an admirable way. Matzav can pride itself that people of her caliber are even logging on to its site. This is a weighty responsibilty for them since it obligates them to be extra careful with what is being posted.

    A freilechen Yom Tov to all!

  34. On an Israeli Website, there is video of the Rebbetzin A’H speaking to a group of youngfrum girls from a school in Eretz Yisroel. Never having seen her it was interesting to see her personality and hear her words. She did not stop the camera from taping her because in this time and age we try to reach and give chizuk and encouragement where we can. And she understood this. She had a beautiful smile and laugh and a wonderful way with words. Now I know why so many women and girls went and wanted to go to her! So why the question about this photo?

  35. When one focuses on the person, their personality and whom they are or were, their external appearance fades to the back round. Perhaps this is the best antidote. We all need to focus and appreciate the ‘Mentsch’ and thereby less on the gender. Great Tzadikim and Baalei Mussar had no difficulty talking to women or girls , because of there respect for the human being and were not just looking at out side appearances.

  36. Thank you so much for showing the representative of an ehrliche yiddishe bubbe – unfortunately there are so many women going around presenting themselves that goyishe standards of beauty are what we need to model ourselves after. Rebbitzen Kanievsky shows our meidelach what true yiddishe beauty is – from the neshoma glowing with love on their faces. We see this by our heilige Rabbonim, but today our ladies need to see more examples of Rebbitzens true beauty.

  37. I disagree. If you look at most of the books that come out on biography of Gedolim, you will see many pictures of thier wifes with them. there are many Torah magazines that also have pictures of famous Rebbitzens. Aderaba, It’s a Mitzvah to look at the face of a Tzaddik! Let other Baas Yisroel such as yourself see what a true Tzenua looks & dresses like!

  38. I dont understand how matzav can put her picture together with the letter.

    We dont know what the rebbetzin would want… but out of respect, ask her children before putting up the picture.

  39. 1. B’H there are still girls that have this sentiment and aren’t afraid to voice them. Stay stron – “at yeivosh mipnei hamaaligim”. Her feeling are correct.

    2. I’m sure the Rebbetzin would not approve of her picture posted on the web. I don’t think any printed publication will have a picture.

    3. Those of us that don’t feel the same sensitivity have probably become somewhat “immune” by hocking around on the internet too much.(& may have unfortunately seen what we shouldn’t have) But at least we should appreciate, have esteem for, and not mock those that are still on level above us. (Doing so is a great aveirah)

    4. “Matzav” is probably “testing the waters”.
    I STRONGLY feel that the quality of Matzav as a frum site becomes greatly diluted by posting pictures of any women (including “just” the hair of S.P). Is it REALLY necessary to see a picture? (Maybe they should start a seperate women’s page)

  40. I agree fully with this chosheveh bas yisroel.
    But that is not my issue. My issue is this. Does Matzav have a policy about not posting picture of woman? If so this should not differ albeit a zadekes.

  41. People espesially women can be motivated and aspired once they see a picture of anyone who is someone great sometimes even a women. We live in a generation that we need anything to spire us even a little picture. Sorry I disagree respectfully completely. There is more important things today.

  42. First of all, where does it say in the Torah that there is anything wrong with posting her picture? Second of all, “Bas Yisroel” isn’t it less tznius to make a whole ruckus about it and put yourself in the spotlight?

  43. Rather than post all these comments from the peanut gallery, has Matzav posted an explanation for this very conscious decision?

  44. Dear midwest anon,

    Instead of belittling Bas Yisroel by playing the therapy card — your post belies your claim — why not address the legitimate issues she raises, viz.: (1) It is not at all unreasonable to assume — contrary to others’ claims — that the Rebitzen, were she here to defend herself, might not have wanted her picture posted on the Internet. As a matter of journalistic responsibility and just plain respect for the dead, shouldn’t the editors of Matzav have looked into the question before posting her picture? If they did, why don’t they say so? (2) Should Jewish women (or their proxies), dead or alive, post their pictures on the Internet? Have any poskim addressed the question?

    And since you raise it — indeed everyone *else* always seems to need it — shouldn’t a Rov somewhere address the obsession with “therapy” in our community? Or is that just a term we use to insult each other while sounding “concerned”?

  45. Something tells me that the writer’s fixation with Tzniyus is a contributing factor to her being a statistic in the Shidduch Crisis.

  46. Oy, what has this world come to???
    What in heavens name is wrong with a picture of this most heilige woman. If anything, I want to see more pictures. Look in all the books written on the gedolim. Why is their mother’s picture in the book? Because there is nothing wrong with it; that’s why.
    Enough of this silliness. To the 21 year old bas yisroel: You most likely need hadracha and most likely have no mesorah, so you are nebech coming up with new ideas.
    Thank you Matzav for posting this picture.

  47. # 28 – Terrible! Bochrim helping their mothers! Such untzniusdik mixing! And in heilige Boro Park!

    And that picture…. The Rebbitzin’s face just radiates gutskeit. Perhaps if some of our bochrim respected their mothers the way the girls respected the Rebbitzin, we might have fewer social problems.

    Oh, and I hope this young lady does not have photographers at her chasunah. Someone male might view the video.

  48. Most people (the pshutai am) do not understand tzinus. Tzinus is a sensitivity to what does and doesn’t pas. If most comments on this well edited news website are in favor of posting the picture it is a good indicationn that the letter-writer is correct in her position.

  49. Without going into the issue re photos of women in general, I think there is a difference between a photo of a woman who is alive physically in this world, and one who has already left it.

    Since the great Rebbetzin already is in the olam ho’emes, there is a different metzius (reality) in this case.

  50. there is a letter of the lubavitcher rebbe zt”l to rav tzinner shlit”e author of nitai gavriel, explaining with a number of reasons why it was mutar for his chasidim to print a picture of his rebitzen a”h in a booklet that they printed in honour of her after she was niftar.

  51. IMHO – I don’t think it’s appropriate to post her picture either-i am not a taliban freak – i don’t wear a burkha, but i think it is inappropriate to put the picture on the web. Why not just start a facebook page in her memory? Send out a blast that whoever ‘likes’ the picture wins 40 days of free tehillim downloads.

  52. i hold its a azechus to look at such a heilege neshama, and to my dear bas yisroel i think you should take tyour garbage elswhere and i hope you were joking!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Perhaps there is also another to’eles in posting such a photo, in that it shows how such a great woman, a bas and nechdas gedoilim, and eishes choveir appeared. One can learn halochos from such a photo!

  54. Dear Editor,

    I think that Matzav’s decision to display Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky’s photo was a very, very good and important thing. Frum women need leaders that they can look up to, such as this heilige Tzaddeikes. To have an image of a Tzaddik or Tzaddeikis is very important for B’nos Yisrael and all of Klal Yisroel. Women such as Sarah Schneirer and other holy Tzidkanyos images need to remembered so that Bnos Melech will have someone to aspire to. To not have the picture is to withhold a essence of the great Tzaddik. For instance who can see the pictures of the Chofetz Chaim, Rav Yoelish, and Reb Moshe Feinstien, and not be inspired. Thank You matzav for being M’ezaka the rabbim with pictures of tzaddikim and tzidkanyos such as the heilige, and Gedolas Hador such as Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky.Just as Yaakov Avinu’s picture is embedded on the Kisai Hakavod to remind the Aibeshter what a real Yid should look like, so to Rebbetzin Kanievsky’s image reminds Klal Yisrael what a Tzaddekis and Bas Melech should look like. In this day and age we are constantly inundated with profane images, Thank you for putting the image up of this heilige tzaddeikis and Gedolas Hador to have Hashpaa tova on all of Klal Yisroel.

  55. they posted because of those like me – who unfortunately, doesn’t have chance in her life to see such woman, whose neshama radiates with such purity and holiness. Looking at the picture of Rebbetzin Kanievsky, of blessed memory, at least on the internet, at least for a moment, is true healing for my neshama! thank you Matzav!

  56. I really get what the letter writer wrote, and I think she expressed herself well.
    I do appreciate Matzav doing this though.
    BTW, anyone notice the banner ad a few months back for the Torah Ore dinner with both Rav and yibadel bein chayim l’chayim Rebbetzin Scheinberg? Anyone say boo then?

    Again, still awaiting a Matzav editorial.

  57. I am in shock at the level of attacks on this bas yisroel. Who firstly has not violated any code of Tznius, by posting her opinion because she’s on here without a name. And secondly why couldn’t Matzav, and all the other negative commentars here go and ask Reb Chaim Shlita himself? You’re preaching about getting a lesson in kedusha by seeing this Tzadekis’s face. But you ignore the fact that she has a husband and a father and a host of brothers that are all poskim and gedolei torah and all will tell you that A. She wouldn’t have appreciated it because it’s not al pe torah. And B. Rav Chaim Kaneyevski Shlita who didnt see women doesn’t appreciate it. And so C. Ask these Poiskim the Psak. Why did Matzav avoid doing this? What right do you have to ignore the feelings of the family of the nifteres at this sad time? What a nerve! And you claim to be doing this to gain kedusha and thara! How ironic? I’ve seen some of Reb Chaims Psakim and he certainly would be adamantly against posting his wife’s picture. BECAUSE IT’S A HALACHIC MATTER. I can’t see any kedusha gained by ignoring haluchu. If anybody has objections to this psak of reb chaim’s together with a host of other leading poiskim. They are welcome to learn and gain the knowledge of reb chaim and the other poiskim and then argue with them. But untill then their das bal habayis is hefech das torah. And maybe even apikursis! How dare a simple person voice an opinion when gedolei hador and poiskei hador think otherwise?

  58. What is the source of why it is assur to look at a picture of a women who carried herself with impeccable dignity and tzniut?

    What is the source of the issur to take a picture of any woman for that matter?

    What is the source of not looking at a women at all in real life?
    Is there a difference between seeing the image of a woman and staring at the image of a women? Please enlighten me!!!!

  59. #70, Northeast Anon

    Dear Northeast Anon,
    To respond to the points that you raised:
    1) I didn’t address the issue of what the holy Rebbetzin would have wanted vis a vis having her picture published because all we can do is to speculate. The fact is that she was famous and famous people, are normally photographed. That’s how things work today, and people who give themselves to Klal Yisroel understand that people will take pictures and make recordings. Obviously, those pictures get released, so there was nothing really that I could have added to the discussion.

    2)Please bring a proof that we shouldn’t look at a picture of a holy woman. We’re not the Taliban. Women go with their faces exposed in public and they don’t wear Burkhas, unless they are seriously mentally ill and without any guidance from Rabbonim. There is therefore no reason not to display a woman’s face, most certainly not the face of a great Tzaddekes.

    3) I, too, feel that there is too much emphasis on therapy. However, the writer reminded me of exactly the type of thinking that is behind the misguided minds of the people who wear Burkhas. The type of thinking that leads to abuse and the twisting of halacha. Bear in mind that frum publications, until very recently, published such pictures. One need look no further than books like All For the Boss, where pictures of Rebbetzin Shain are all over. Are we now “more frum” than Rebbetzin Shain? So, in general, I agree with your point about the proliferation of therapy as the cure to all ills.

    4) FWIW, many Rabbonim that I know do recommend therapy to people when it’s appropriate, but that wasn’t the main point of what I wrote. The main point was that if she really feels this way at 21, it’s a red flag for her later years.

  60. Sounds like a girl fresh out of seminary! What’s scary, is that she represents the future! Good luck with your marriage! Mrs. HOLY, you sound like the type. Btw, what are you doing on the internet?

  61. As a women who has been experiencing spiritual “lows”, I personally found her photo to be very inspiring. There is so much unholy pictures going around, that it was so refreshing to see how a women can look so holy and spiritual.

  62. my,midwest anon u really are an am haaretz!! it says so in shulchan aruch that its assur for a MALE to sstare at the face of a WOMAN. period! it doesnt diffrenciate btwn holy & unholy. get off the net & learn a thing or two

  63. It appears, as mentioned above, that the book All For the Boss does show pictures.

    Also in the expanded 25th Anniversary edition of the Reb Moshe Book on page 309, there is a picture of Reb Moshe ZT”l together with his Rebbitzen and his sister, Aleyhan Hashalom.

    Also after the passing of the Late Rebbitzen Basya Scheinberg A’H , a memorial book was distributed which included pictures of her.

    Please let us not come up with stringencies.We have to raise a generation with tolerance.

    The late Rebbitzen was an individual who was open to all.

  64. if we take out all the pure things of internet, what are we left with? besides why are you on internet if you so pure neshama like you? care to explain?

  65. The only thing I don’t understand is why matzav posted this letter which I think is nonsense. There is nothing wrong with the picture of a woman if the woman is tzeniut.

  66. Many females appreciate that this picture was posted. They were females that didn’t have the z’chus to see her in person and were glad they got to see a picture of her, although it was through sad circumstances.

  67. This is crazy! Please, 21 yr old girl, open up a shulchan oruch before you go tell other people what to do. You want to know something that’s actually assur? Making up halachos.

  68. i dont think its not tznius to be posted online. but the same way i (high-school bais yaakov girl) wouldnt want my friends to post pictures of me with them on facebook, i highly doubt that Reb. Kanievsky a”h would want her picture posted on matzav. its just a matter of what/who you want to be associated with. matzav is a great website and all but i wouldnt say that Rebbetzons visit it…

  69. Hello to all Jewish American thinkers, don’t take it too hard that there is someone out there that is holding at a higher level then you are. whether you agree with them or not. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your liberal outlook on life doesn’t mean she needs help, she actually seems quite healthy and sincere, not bitter and depressed like those people who took her letter a little too much to heart!

  70. Question #2: of all the problems in the world now (her death, Rav Shach’s son’s death, Gilad Shalit, etc) why is matzav’s posting a rabbetzin’s such an issue that it’s worthy of such attention…
    …i think this is an insult to the intelligence of any intellectual matzav.con readers

  71. if , and I say if the letter is real, then let her join the “ladies Buhrka club”. No problem.

    But then again, we dont know the real identity of those who write in here

  72. This topic seems to be touching a lot of sensitive points. It’s a big nebach that people can’t discuss this issue politely, with Derech Eretz and respect for other people’s opinions, no matter how wrong or ridiculous they seem. It seems that a lot of people are rude and only act polite because they are worried about what other people would think. These are the people who abuse the anonymity of the internet.
    To address the point of the original letter writer, you need the halacha clarified. A man cannot look at a woman for tayvah, any woman, any part of her. However, not for tayvah, a man MAY look at a woman as long as she is appropriately dressed. That is why most gedolim books have pictures of women in them. They assume men are not buying the books to look at pictures of women! Anything more than the halacha is a chumra, sometimes very necessary, sometimes over the top. The gemara calls a man who won’t save a drowning women because of tznius issues, a “Chossid Shoteh.” Chumros are not supposed to be required and enforced on other people.
    With that said, I am very surprised by Matzav for posting the picture. I was under the impression that they had a “No Women’s Picture” Policy, to avoid questionable situations (not saying that this situation is one). Regarding Rebbetzin Kanievsky’s wishes about whether her picture should be posted is a ridiculous discussion a) because we don’t know what she would have wanted (in spite of people’s best efforts to guess, assume, or project how Rebbetzin Kanievsky thought) and b) we don’t need someone’s permission to post their picture online. Regarding asking R’ Chaim, a Rov, or a Gadol, I’m assuming Matzav already asked about the heter of posting women in general.

  73. The zohar says that MIRIAM will dance at the seudas moshiach (just a side point).If anything on the contrary we should now who we lost. Maybe you shouldn’t walk on the street because its not tzinus. When it comes to “FRUM CHESHBOINES” I learned not trust any one., People in Olam Hasheker are scared of EMES . I’m not saying you are rite or wrong, but is it EMESDIKE CHESHBON???

  74. This is a controversial topic that I have discussed numerous times with other frum people. Almost everyone I spoke to wishes that frum magazines would show pictures of heilige women that they write about. We and our daughters need the chizuk. A picture of a butterfly or coffee cup does not suffice.

  75. Chag sameach vnishma besuros tovos yeshuois vnechomois hamokom yenachem kol hamishpochoh hachashuva ubifrat moron sar hatorah hagrach shlita umoron poisek hador rashchibahag hagrish shlita

  76. we should take a real poll done by Rasmussen as to whether the picture should or should not be posted on the heiliger Matzav

    I voter yes/. my shvigger votes no. my shver won’t say because he’s afraid of disagreeing with my shvigger.

  77. Smeel, it’s not tzenua for bachurim to help their mothers?

    Ek, in that case there should also not be pictures of rabbanim. In fact, Rav Arye Levin did not like to be photographed – but he went along when it was the photographer’s parnassa.

  78. Dear 21-year-old bas Yisroel,
    I suppose that if you were around during the time that chazal describe as “lo hayu yomim tovim l’yisroyel kTud B’Av, you would have stood by and protested! Or better yet, perhaps you would have provided brown bags, full body size, to put over each bas yisroel. Mamash terrible! What were those foolish chachomim thinking? Good thing we have you, 21-year-old bas Yisroel, to keep us tzinusdik!, Boruch Hashem for people like you. If you would have been alive at the time of chazal, you would have been able to teach them a thing or tow. Good thing we have you in our dor, to protect us from chazal’s lack of tznius!

  79. Anonymous 106, evidently Matzav agrees with you. Without a clear editorial statement from the Matzav board that’s the only conclusion we can come to. Controversy over!

  80. Looks like those who are pro the picture are mainly men, while those who think it’s inappropriate to post it are mostly women. hmmm.

  81. I think we should keep debating this until the cows come home. At least it will keep all of us off the street, which is a good thing. Because when you drive, I try to stay off the sidewalk.

  82. I think all 113 of us need to get off the internet NOW and go enjoy Chol Hamoed. Let’s all end this repetitive discussion and get a life and make a life..I mean make a L’chaim!

  83. We have just lost a tremendous Tzadaikes, the wife of one of our Gedolei Hador. Whether this 21 year old girl is right or wrong is irrelevent. The last thing Rebbetzin Kanievsky, A”H, wants from us is to argue and hurt each other about her picture. This girl absolutely does not need therapy for posting her opinion, just like you posted yours. Saying she lost her mind or needs help is a Bizayon to Rebbetzin Kanievsky, A”H. We should work on ourselves, not criticize other peoples’ opinions when they conflict with our own. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. May we know of sorrow no more and may Hashem send Moshiach, Bekarov.

  84. Bas Yisroel,
    You are not a young 21 year old. Obviously you are not married and are therefore an old 21 year old. I wish you a good shidduch soon. On the wedding invitation, please leave out your name, it is not tznius.


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