The Novominsker Rebbe’s Legacy: 365 Daffim Later, Ki Heim Chayeinu Keeps Klal Yisroel Going Strong

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A year has passed since The Siyum; that’s 365 days; 365 daffim. 

Throughout the turbulence of the past year, we’ve witnessed so much growth and shteiging as Lomdei HaDaf kept up their learning on the phone, by Zoom or just with themselves and their Gemara.

The famous jokes went around as we reached the end of Maseches Brochos, “Ba Shabbos, ba menucha”- After the initial excitement of beginning, is everyone still going to keep up with The Daf? But Baruch Hashem, The Daf has been going strong, with Artscroll reporting that there were no less Gemaras sold for Maseches Shabbos than there were for Maseches Brochos, and when it came to Eiruvin, the numbers were still just as strong! 

As much as The Siyum was a celebration on the conclusion of The Daf cycle, it was also a celebration on starting it again. And so since then, under the banner of Ki Heim Chayeinu, the Agudah has been working to promote, strengthen and further encourage Limud HaTorah and Kvias Ittim laTorah with numerous programs and initiatives.

This is the mission which the Novominsker Rebbe zt’’l charged us with, in the run up to the Siyum : To promote the reality of Torah being “Ki Heim Chayeinu V’orech Yameinu” -of which Daf Yomi is the ultimate expression. 

As the Rebbe zt’’l said at The Siyum, in what was one of his last public addresses: “This message is not only for the Lomdei HaDaf, but for all Lomdei Torah, and every ehrliche Yid who learns Torah every day with a set time and an achrayus.” 

It was only a few short months after The Siyum that the Rebbe was niftar, in the early days of the Covid pandemic. We now dedicate the Ki Heim Chayeinu initiative L’iluy Nishmas the Rebbe and strive to continue the legacy he gave us: to inspire Klal Yisroel to increase their commitment to Kvias Ittim; to make Limud HaTorah an ever increasing part of their lives, letting their learning impact everything they do.

Thousands of Jews, spanning the globe, have been inspired by Ki Heim Chayeinu’s programs. We’ve hosted worldwide live-streamed Siyumim on Masechtos Brachos, Shabbos and Eiruvin; inspired tens of thousands of lomdim through our V’nismach Chizuk program; and elevated the joy and experience of Shabbos for thousands of families through our ongoing B’dibur Echad video series and print materials.

The latest Ki Heim Chayeinu program, “Ben Yomo”, was launched just a few weeks ago, inspired by the sugya of Hag’alas Keilim in the recent Daf Lamed of Pesachim.

For the new series, we have teamed up with Star-K, under the guidance of R’ Moshe Heinemann shlita, to produce some fascinating videos which explore, demonstrate and discuss many relevant kashrus shailos that come up in our own homes. It’s a great opportunity to help you absorb your learning into your practical daily life and to get your wife and children involved too.

To sign up for the Ki Heim Chayeinu updates and programs, go to .

As well as the Ki Heim Chayeinu programs, which are designed to help you live your learning and bring it into every day, there are many other programs and initiatives kick-started by The Siyum, all with the goal of making serious Limud HaTorah and Kvias Ittim achievable and maintainable.

Oraysa– With the Amud V’Chazara Oraysa program, which was launched just after The Siyum last year, learners cover an Omud a day 4 days a week. Daily and weekend chazarah ensures retention, along with numerous audio, video and print resources so you can bez’’H not just learn, but master and retain all of Shas.

Kinyan HaMasechta– “Don’t just go through the masechta, let the masechta go through you” is the motto of Kinyan HaMasechta. Aimed primarily at Baalei Batim, the program is based around a nightly shiur with a close-knit chabura. An emphasis on clarity, consistency and chazara helps every member to truly master each masechta, transforming “Baalei batim who learn an hour a day” into yungerleit whose days revolve around the masechta they’re learning.

Daf Hashavua– This program is running for its 15th year, and going strong, with more than 6000 lomdim across 155 worldwide chaburos. A full week to learn each Daf enables you to be koineh it fully; either by learning it b’iyun or by chazering it enough times that you know it backwards and forwards; so whether you’re a balaboss wishing you could learn again like you did in kollel or you’re someone new to Gemara learning, you can learn with the enjoyment and satisfaction of knowing you’ll understand and remember every daf.

Shivti–  The Shivti program was started by Beis Medrash Govoha to facilitate in-depth learning of different sugyos for those outside of the yeshiva walls. Following BMG’s learning methodology, the Shivti curriculum starts with in-depth Iyun and ends with Halacha L’maaseh’s practical applications so that participants gain mastery of the sugya, from the lomdus to the Halacha L’maaseh. Weekly kuntreissim and other resources are also provided to further enhance learning.

Looking back, we can certainly say that it’s been a year of growth in Torah. Despite the many challenges, Klal Yisroel and the Daf are going strong- Besiyatta Dishmaya, and with the encouragement of Ki Heim Chayeinu and all the other revolutionary programs.

And if you’re not already part of Ki Heim Chayeinu or any other learning program, don’t miss this opportunity- sign up today!


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