RABBONIM MAINTAIN STANCE: It Is Forbidden to Fund, Support or Vote for Fidler

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 fidler-rabbonim-letter-smallReposted: A group of gedolei Torah and rabbonim have signed a letter obtained by Matzav.com stating that it is forbidden to vote or campaign for New York City Councilman Lew Fidler, who is running for Carl Kruger’s seat in the 27th State Senate District (Flatbush, Boro Park, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Mill Basin and Sheepshead Bay).

The special election for the New York State Senate will be held on March 20.

Many frum Yidden reside in the district up for election.

In their letter, the rabbonim state that as a city councilman, Fidler has sponsored or approved of the following bills: Bill A0260-2010, Bill *2172-2009, Bill A0169-2010, Bill *0196-2010, and Bill *0706-2011.

“A Jew who votes for a politician who supports marriage redefinition gives a strong implication that he does not place primary importance on defending Torah values, chas v’shalom,” the letter states. “Furthermore, if a politician who supports marriage redefinition were to win a seat in an Orthodox Jewish district, it would create the appearance, chas v’shalom, that such a position is acceptable to the Torah. Either of these appearances constitute a chillul Hashem.”

The letter continues: “It is therefore considered to be a great chillul Hashem and assur according to Torah law to vote for or to provide funding, campaign assistance, public recognition or any type of support to Councilman Lewis Fidler. To do so would amount to being mesayeia ovrei aveirah (abetting transgression of the Torah’s commandments).

“Conversely, if the opposing candidate is committed to safeguarding our moral values, including but not limited to fighting the forced acceptance of toeivah [marriage redefinition, civil ‘unions,’ etc.], and opposing any other ideas that would lead to normalization of assur lifestyles, then it is halachically incumbent upon every Jew to do his/her best to assist that candidate’s effort to win this seat. Assistance would include voting for such a candidate and supporting him financially and in any other way possible.”

The letter contains a number of non-Brooklyn signatories.

The rabbonim who signed the letter include:

The Mattesdorfer Rov, Rav Chaim Yisroel Belsky, Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rav Chaim Benoliel, Rav Shlomo Breslauer, Rav Avrohom Yaakov Nelkenbaum, Rav Yisroel Neuman, Rav Osher Berenbaum, Rav Eliyahu Brog, Rav Moshe Green, Rav Moshe Wolfson, Rav Yosef Meir Kantor, Rav Asher Dovid May, Rav David Ozeiry, Rav Noach Isaac Oelbaum, Rav Yisroel Dovid Harfenes (Yisroel Vehazmanim), and Rav Avrohom Schorr.

The letter is also signed by:

Rav Shlomo Stern (Debrecin), Rav Yechiel Tauber (Machon Lehoraah), Rav Yitzchok Tirnauer (Shomer Shabbos), Rav Gavriel Zinner, Rav Shmuel Zev Lichter (Mosdos Kavanas Halev), Rav Ben Tzion Kokis (Zichron Mordechai), Rav David Zafrani (Mekor Chaim), Rav Selim Shalom (Matmidim), Rav Yeshayahu Shammah (Shevet Achim), Rav David Serurya (Bnei Binyamin), Rav Meyer Rokath (Kozlov), Rav Amrom Klein (Ungvar), Rav Max Maslaton (Keter Sion),Rav Auziel Admoni (Bnai Yosef), Rav Yosef Aryeh (Ahi Ezer), Rav Moshe Brody (YI of Mapleton Park), Rav David Cohen (Ohel Torah), Rav Yehudah Parnes (Lander), Rav Menachem Fisher (Vien-Monsey), Rav Avrohom Reich (Hatzolas Yisroel), Rav Elie Elbaz (Sephardic Lebanese Cong.), Rav Rachamim Harari (Har Halebanon), Rav Yitzchok Moshe Cohen (YU), Rav Sholom Noach Weiss (Orsheva), and Rav Moshe Soloveitchik (Yeshivas Brisk).

At the same time, despite the clear stance of the gedolim articulated above, a group of non-rabbinic askonim have spent money on an advertising campaign in support of Fidler. New York Councilman David Greenfield is among those who have thrown their support behind Fidler, despite his stance on marriage redefinition.

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  1. can someone explain why we go full force against any politician who backs this toieva EXCEPT shelly silver the one who pushed this more than anyone else and is beloved by everyone

  2. verby, I have spoken to rabbonim many times – gedolim

    There is a difference between someone who is already in office and one who is running for election

  3. Matzav, you’ll be threatened like all the others who have stood up for emesdike Torah. You’ll be harrassed. But dont give up the fight for truth.

  4. Disagree.
    Same relational marriage issues are a general community issue and not a Torah community issue in that we are not going to observe that idea in our communities.
    This is a liberty of freedom in America and I disagree that our Jewish community has to strong arm the international community on how a non jew can form his relations. Ultimately our freedom dictates that we have a right to vote.

  5. if the rabbis say it is forbiden to vote for fidler its forbiden all because a group of askonim choose not to listen it doesnt mean we shouldnt

  6. Moish,

    I could not find that seif in Shulchan Aruch.

    Supporting any candidate who openly advocates for same-gender marriage is a chillul hashem.

  7. My rov has repeatedly said it is forbidden by Torah law to enable those who support and abet legislation supporting abominable relationships.

  8. “is beloved by everyone”


    “There is a difference between someone who is already in office ” and you lack the clout to knock him out.

    I intend to raise this question.

  9. Thank you Matzav for sticking with this story & coming up on the Kavod Shomayim side! The others, including politicians, are NOT Daas Torah! They are classic “yes men” for the Democrat party! We can not allow Fidler/Weprin to take power! Unfortunatly others in the online media are again going against Daas Torah but couldn’t care less!

  10. Verby, vehakesef yaanah es hakol
    we read yesterday about the Brisker Rosh Yeshivah not accepting money from even a questionable source –
    our american community should learn from this example and say no next time these people seek a place to support financially

  11. How many rabbonim signed. what’s the total number. I can’t count because I am having headaches. But I need to know the exact number written about. Please someone count and tell me. Thank you

  12. go go go
    at least someone is saying the truth

    though I wonder how much money matzav is getting from this campaign more than fidler’s

  13. The first signatures are enough for me. These are our gedolim. Enough said. Those who ignore and claim that “rabbonim and askanim” support the other candidate are liars to the public. We shouldnt stand for it.

  14. …yet all the heimishe newspapers were carrying his ads with Pesukim from the Megila or passages from the haggadah.

    What’s going on?

  15. Not that I am voting for fidler but the Rabonim say you can’t vote for someone who is pro Same Marriage so does that mean when Sheldon Silver is up for reelection we shouldn’t vote for remember they made the Vote on the bill earlier because it was getting close to Shabbos and silver being frum couldn’t vote after

  16. i have much hakoras hatov to r’ bauman & matzav for shining a clear, unbeclouded & most powerful spotlight of Torah Truth with regard to the fidler storobin race. what a wonderful unequivocal title. that says it all.
    chazak u’baruch. kedashtem shaim shomayim b’rabim. ha ‘v’nehaphoich who shel haChilul Hashem you mentioned in your last 2 sentences. at that event some one exuberantly declared : “its a chov kodosh to vote for fidler & get others to do so as well”!
    i say that based on the world class Rabonim you listed ,it would be more aptly described as ; “chotei u’machtei es harabim.

  17. Thank you Mazav! That silly press conference that Greenfield held in support of Fidler/Weprin was a joke! He was surrounded by a few baalie batim, no Rabbonim! I can’t understand how Greefield/Yeger can go against so many Rabbonim, Rebbes, Chachamim, etc… We will all be voting for Storobin along with the Sefardie community, Chassidic community, Russian community, anyone that values their Torah leaders! It seems that only the minority of the community will be voting for the oes vorf!

  18. Forget about what this Fidler voted for EVEN with out that do we want the Dems to get back control it’s enough that they have the WhiteHouse!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SHOCKED at David Greenfeld for supporting that fidler. Just like we did by Bob Turner we gotta do Now vote for David Storbin!!!!!!!!!

  19. It’s an old story. Some people cozy up to politicians they know and then support the candidates they push for, even if rabbonim say otherwise. So much for scruples.
    Hopefully, the olam will follow the above psak

  20. was published a photo of a lot of prominent haredi (both Chassidishe and Litvishe) and non-haredi rabbonim and askanim who strong supports Lew Fidler because of his hard work to allocate state money to Yeshives and Mosdos and the Frum parents.

  21. It’s time to sweep the Democrats out of power! Weprin, Fidler, Gillebrand, Silver, Coumo, Greenfield, Schumer, Obama, Nadler, etc… We can do it!

  22. fidler supposedly, and surely reluctantly, generated $3,000,000 for yeshivas. The same fidler raised $80,000,000 for the toeivah groups. That’s more than a 3 to 1 margin against our yeshivas. Who does fidler and all of his lackeys think they are fooling?

  23. I was at Greenfield endorsement event. Many Brooklyn Rabbis, respected activists from various Jewish organizations spoke very highly of Lew Fidler and his hard work on behalf of Jews.
    He defended Israeli girl from Brooklyn College who stood up against anti-Semitic professor at Brooklyn college. He stood up against anti-Semite Charles Barron in City Council. He helped so many yeshivas.

    Lew Fidler definitely deserves support of Jewish community. He also received endorsement of the Jewish Press newspaper.

  24. “I was at Greenfield endorsement event. Many Brooklyn Rabbis, respected activists from various Jewish organizations spoke very highly of Lew Fidler and his hard work on behalf of Jews.”

    any of them bigger then Rav Belsky and all the other rabbaniem who pasken this was 100% assur?

  25. The Rabbonim support Storobin, the “Askoonim” support Fidler… “Daas Baal Habayis Hepach Daas Torah”… ’nuff said…

    And certain segments claiming to represent the frum world is putting out all kinds of misinformation against Storobin, shame on them!


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