The Siyum Presents: Heroes of the Daf: Just Start Volume 1

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  1. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! If you want to do Daf Yomi then Kol Hakavod!! It’s kodesh Kadashim. Those of us who choose another derech are also good, frum yidden who are devoted to serving HaShem. It seems as if some are going way over to top to push “The Siyum”. Just have your siyum and enjoy and leave the rest of us in peace. Thank you

  2. You are definitely right . Siyum is not for everyone. Of course it is noteworthy! In truth hall Hashem is that we toil is
    Torah , we don’t have to go crazy and do bigs things.

  3. TIRED??? of what exactly , the aguda is promoting to concepts the daf which may or may not be what you need . and more universally is the concept of kevias itim which is paramount. this 2 min video is honest and powerful.
    ps if u are on this site daily u are obviouly NOT TIRED of car crashes, drowning , pics of events… these siyum promototions are a positive thing


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