THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT US: Italian Comedy Show Mocks Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline in Brutal Sketch

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Italian comedian Maurizio Crozza, who portrays President Joe Biden on the season premiere of his comedy show, Fratelli di Crozza, is brutally mocking Biden’s obvious cognitive decline.

As he struggled to stand still, Crozza’s Biden misnamed world leaders and mixed up major historical events.

Crozza’s bumbling version of Biden then picked up and opened a briefcase with a large red button as he explained that he had forgotten to take his pills.

“That’s the briefcase with the atomic codes,” a voice warned Crozza’s Biden. “You’re not alright. This is a big deal.”

“Now I’ll call the nurse,” Crozza’s Biden said, before pushing the red button, subsequently activating nuclear warheads.

Watch the sketch below or above.



  1. The world is laughing how gullible the Americans, especially religious Jews, are for believing fake president Biden has somewhat of a role somewhere.


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