There’s Buried Treasure Somewhere in the Five Boroughs


brooklyn-bridgeNBC New York reports: Three puppet pirates and a ninja have apparently buried their treasure somewhere in New York City and it’s up to you to find it.

The website unlocked the first of eight video clues on August 1. The site claims there is $10,000 in U.S. currency buried in a wooden chest somewhere within the five boroughs. All you have to do is decode the videos, and the treasures all yours.

“We wanted to create a real treasure hunt.” says a message posted by on the site by its creators.”And there’s a chest of gold waiting to be found. We’ve always wanted to experience the excitement of searching for pirate treasure, so we decided to give that feeling to everyone else.”

But, while the website is called “We Lost Our Gold,” the creators say there’s no real gold out there.

“The treasure is 10,000 US mint one-dollar coins. Most of them are Sacagawea dollars, or the new presidential one-dollar coins,” according to the site. They note that the new coins are gold colored so it will give you the pirate feel.

The site is leased through, and was created back in October of 2006, no owners are listed and the landlubbers say they are not telling.

We don’t know where the treasure is buried, but we can tell you that it’s not buried in Central Park. The site’s creators say they love the City but don’t want to encourage anyone to start digging up the park or anywhere else.

So you’ll have to trust the three puppet pirates and the ninja, watch the videos, and hopefully uncover the buried treasure hiding under New York City. Or else just be roped into the latest viral marketing campaign.

{MSNBC/ Newscenter}


  1. we arent going to waste our time looking for gashmius..its mamish Bittul Torah..if Hashem wants me to have it, a zoya shein, and if not, life will go on..we dont have it now, and we are fine, and if we happen to have it, okay, but we arent going to waste time to look for it..if you are going to look for it, fine..


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