Thieves Steal Kallah’s Jewelry Week Before Wedding

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Last night, vandals broke into the home of a family in Yerushalayim’s Ramat Shlomo neighborhood and emptied the apartment.

A daughter of the family is to be getting married next week, and the thieves made off with her bridal jewelry, silverware and other valuables. They left the apartment a wreck a week before the wedding.

The kallah’s father said, “Yesterday we went shopping for final items for the wedding. At 10 p.m., thieves broke into the house and took whatever they could get, especially jewelry and silverware of our kallah.

“We returned at midnight and were shocked. The house was turned over. I called the police, who came to the house and took fingerprints that could help them get their hands on the intruders. The police say that the burglars are probably neighborhood youth on the fringe.”

thief 1 thief 2

David Steger – Israel


  1. THIS IS NOT UNCOMMON IN ISRAEL. PEOPLE POST THAT THEY ARE MAKING A SIMCHA AND THIEVES STEAL TIER STUFF WHILE THEY ARE OUT. many people hire yeshiva bochrim to house sit while they are out. but don’t think this never happens.

  2. perhaps they are thieves from the silver & jewelry store they bought at & they request your full information before selling you such expensive items etc…

    hope they catch these perps

  3. Sensitive, if you want to post in Yiddish, master the language first. Otherwise stick to English. Should be ” Es past nisht.” (Zi means she and for some reason everyone who wants to sound like they know Yiddish lately says “Pass” instead of “Past”- End of Yiddish lesson)


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