THIS MOTZOEI SHABBOS: Asifa in Lakewood, NJ, for Acheinu Bnei Eretz Yisroel

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  1. The truth is that there are decent people from all nationalities that are also suffering from this terrorism. Therefore, we should be Mispallel for All decent people, Jews and Non-Jews; not only for, “Livnei Yisroel B’kol Mokom Sh’hem”.
    We need Rachmei Shomayim, and HKB”H is the beautiful and constant creator of All human beings, so we need to show HKB”H that we are not selfish, and we care deeply about All our decent fellow human beings.

  2. anyone perhaps ever thought that its time for us to do teshuva as a nation with kinnus (like mordechai did in shushan) so this tzarros can finally stop.? do YOU think all this tzaros is coincidence?


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