This Young Widow and Her Three Children Are Being Thrown Out of Their Home


-Communicated- Update: Urgent! We are getting so close to our final goal for Claudine. Claudine B., a young widow from Karmiel, and mother of three, is being threatened by creditors to repossess her home. Thank G-d, through your generous donations to Milka’s Fund, we raised $15,000 towards her looming debt. This money has made a huge impact. Once the lawyers and creditors saw progress being made in her payments, in good faith, they extended the deadline by a few days. But she is not out of the woods yet and the clock is ticking. She is still short $30,000. A generous donor has pledged $18,000 if we come up with the remaining $12,000 in the next few days.

After losing her husband, this young mother has dealt with challenge after challenge., persevering through each one with incredible dedication, spirit, kindness, and positivity.

claudines-son-with-grandfatherFor five years Claudine nursed her young husband through his devastating battle with cancer.

She cared for her mother, who lost her sight and ability to swallow, and needed expensive medication not covered by insurance. (Her mother passed away less than three weeks after her husband)

She continues to care for her ailing father.

And she needs to be there for her heartbroken children, who are afraid that she will “disappear like Abba”. Her son recently remarked that when he grows up, he will save all his money so that he can buy an airplane to “reach abba in shamayim”.

Soon after her husband’s death, Claudine was left the heavy debt that had built up over the course of his illness. Collectors are threatening to repossess her home.

This home, which has been the epicenter of so much kindness and dedication, is the only thing that Claudine and her children have left. With the chagim are just around the corner, we need your help to ensure that Claudine and her family can celebrate them safely in their home.  As you’ve helped us in the past, we are turning to you a second time. We must collect $12,000 immediately. If we can, the outstanding $18,000 will be funded by a donor and her home will be saved.

We can’t eliminate all the suffering Claudine has gone through and the hardships she has contended with (she will be undergoing crucial surgery within the next few days). What we can do is know, that together we have and will make a world of a difference for Claudine and her family. Instead of spending her Rosh Hashana crying with her children and worrying about where they will go, she will celebrate happily with the certainty that they have a safe home in which to live.

Please donate to Claudine’s story and help us make her new year as sweet as possible. And please take a moment to daven for Claudine bat Simone.



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