Thousands of Families in Israel Suffer Devastating Economic Blow due to Second Covid Lockdown

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A recent uptick in Covid-19 cases in Israel drove the Israeli government to enact a second lockdown, in

an attempt to stem the increase of cases. This lockdown has added additional insult to injury for

thousands of families who have been financially devastated by all the previous restrictions and


With no financial assistance from the government in the form of stimulus payments or unemployment,

innumerable families are literally suffering from hunger. Now, with the Yom Tov season upon us, these

families are completely helpless. An immense burden has been placed on charitable organizations who

saw the demand for assistance skyrocket in unprecedented numbers.

Kolel Chibas Yerushalayim of Reb Meyer Baal Haness is one of the largest charitable organizations

providing financial assistance to families in need. They, too, saw an unparalleled increase in requests for


However, due to social distancing guidelines, their fundraising events were all cancelled. They were

therefore unable to cover the costs of their annual Sukkos cash distribution, a distribution that more

than 7000 families rely on to prepare for Yom Tov. The consequences are heartbreaking with thousands

of families watching their lifeline fizzle away. They have been counting on this financial aid, and now

how are they supposed to manage?

Chibas Yerushalayim is therefore launching a massive campaign as a last-ditch effort to save this

distribution for the sake of these heartbroken families.

Every child knows that the address to turn to when we need some divine intervention is Reb Meyer Baal

Haness. Now Reb Meyer is turning to us with a call of his own… “help us feed thousands of families, and

tens of thousands of children!”

Reb Meyer never turns down our requests for help, let’s not turn down his.

Please follow this link now and help put food on the tables of our

impoverished brothers and sisters in Israel.

We’re currently living through a very tumultuous period of time. We can all use every single z’chus

available to try and secure a better year ahead. Let’s grab this opportunity and put Reb Meyer Baal

Haness on our case with a generous contribution to his charity.

Eloko D’Meyer Aneinu!


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