Thousands to Visit Kever of Yehoshua bin Nun


kever-yehoshuaThousands of people will visit the kever of Yehoshua bin Nun tonight to mark his 3,254th yahrtzeit. The midnight visit will be held with protection from the IDF, because the kever – which has been vandalized in the past by Arabs – is located in an Arab village under control of the Palestinian Authority. The village, Timnat (Kefel) Hares is just north of the Shomron city of Ariel. (See Yehoshua 2:9.)

At the kever, every hour, the tefillah of Aleinu, which was written by Yehoshua, is said out loud.

Those who will be part of the group at the kever – which is visited several times a year with IDF protection – will also daven at the kever of Yehoshua’s father, Nun, and Kalev ben Yefuneh. The annual gathering is organized by the Shomron Regional Council, the Shechem Echad organization, the Shomron Religious Council, and the Shomron Residents Committee.

IDF protection will be provided from 10:30 tonight until 4 a.m. tomorrow.

{Yair Israel}



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