Three-Day Conference With Innate Health Practitioners Planned For Memorial Day Weekend


Wellbeing, mindfulness, and peace of mind are trending themes in today’s popular media – and amongst Orthodox Jewish groups.

In Seattle, London, Milwaukee, Jerusalem, and New York, a growing number of seasoned Orthodox rabbis and educators have embraced an approach to wellbeing called Innate Health as a resource for the Jewish community. A three-day conference featuring a dozen Innate Health practitioners is planned for this Memorial Day weekend at Young Israel on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, May 25-27.

“Innate Health helps people step back from the human tendency to believe our insecure thinking,” explains Rabbi Henry Harris, director of the Jewish Center for Wellbeing, one of the conference sponsors.  “It’s amazing how much wisdom we are capable of when we ease off the gas pedal of our own thought.”

“I recommend that everyone look into [Innate Health],” says Rabbi Michel Twerski, rabbinic guide of Twerski Wellness Institute, a conference co-sponsor, andspiritual leader of the Milwaukee orthodox community.

Twerski created the Twerski Wellness Institute in 2011 with the aim of sharing the principles of Innate Health with the religious Jewish community.  He saw firsthand its impact after 50 years of disappointment with many traditional resources for mental health.To date the organization has organized over 10 conferences in the Milwaukee and New York area with leading practitioners of the principles.

“It’s an extremely accessible and common sense approach to life,” he affirms.

Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt, founder and director of the Tikun Innate Health Center in London and a keynote speaker at the conference, is equally passionate.

“In 25 years of work in the Jewish community I have not found a more accessible resource to help people find lasting wellbeing,” says Rosenblatt.

Rosenblatt’s center features four to five events per week addressing subjects such as marital harmony, parenting,  food and weight issues, plus general wellbeing workshops from teens on up.  The Tikun center is poised to launch a 10-month professional institute to train members of the London orthodox community in becoming practitioners themselves.

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Contact: Rabbi Henry Harris, or  (845) 393-1529 or (845) 422-5344.

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