Today: Atzeres Tefillah in Toronto

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rav-shlomo-millerIn regard to the current situation in Eretz Yisroel, the Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva in Toronto, among them Harav Shlomo Miller, Harav Chaim Mendel Brodsky and Harav Dovid Pam have called upon the Toronto and Thornhill communities to attend an ateres tefillah today with attendance of anoshim, noshim, vtaf for our dear brethren in Eretz Yisroel in this tragic time for am yisroel.

The ateres will be taking place today at 5:30pm sharp at Kehilas Toras Emes – Viewmount (Rabbi Ochs’s shul), at 1 Viewmount Avenue (Bathurst St. & Viewmount Ave.).

An enormous crowd is expected, askonim recommend the tzibbur to come on time inorder to avoid parking complications, etc.

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  1. this is how we should be petitioning to improve the matzav in ey, the government/un…cant help
    hashem is the only one we can petition to


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