Top U.S. Official: Cruz’s ‘Carpet Bomb’ Idea Un-American

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At a briefing with reporters Monday, Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland, commander of the coalition war against ISIS, rejected calls to “carpet bomb” ISIS targets, calling it “inconsistent with our values,” Nancy A. Youssef reports for the Daily Beast.

MacFarland said the United States does not indiscriminately strike targets that risk civilian casualties. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has repeatedly called for the carpet-bombing of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria.

“We are bound by the law of armed conflict,” MacFarland said during the presser.

“At the end of the day it doesn’t only matter if you win,” he said. “It’s how you win.”



  1. It is not only un-American, it would turn Cruz and every American serviceman who participated into war criminals!

    Please, if you are a Republican, please vote for someone less dangerous!!!

  2. Did Macfarland ever hear of Dresden? Hiroshima? Nagasaki? The one with Un-American ideas is the inept Lt. General. He should be dismissed from his post forthwith.

  3. It has been done in every war until recently. Even the Civil War had Sherman’s March through Georgia. The difference is, the US won those wars.

    Maybe what MacFarland means is that it is un-American to win wars.

  4. Ok Charlie. Thank you so much for dispensing such noble advice for us. Coming from a Liberal Democrat such as yourself, this really touches our hearts and means so much to us. Please continue to advise us Republicans how to vote. I almost made such a serious mistake in my voting.


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