Torah Umesorah Brings The Convention To U



A Torah Umesorah Convention is an all-encompassing experience, that uplifts and inspires each and every attendee. This experience, once reserved for our beloved Rabbeim and Teachers is now, for the first time ever open to us all. Yes, Torah Umesorah is bringing the legendary TU Chinuch Retreat To U! 

Unconventional Times Call For An Unconventional Convention. 

The past few months have been unconventional. Our homes have been turned into schools, our living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and laundry rooms have been transformed into classrooms, and we have become teachers, principle, gym-teacher, and recess monitors. Of course, we as parents always played a primary role in our children’s chinuch, the traditional models of home and school have been intertwined and meshed together in a way that will forever change the trajectory of Chinuch. 

And of course, in addition to our new roles, we can probably all use a little getaway. Of course, we’re not going to be able to go to a hotel, but that doesn’t mean we cannot experience the convention. In fact, the experience will be even greater because we’re bringing the convention To U!

This year’s Torah Umesorah convention will feature a whole new format, with tracks geared specifically for menahalim and principles, rabbeim and teachers, and for the first time ever – parents. 

 A Convention For U, To U

From timely topics like, Nurturing the Quarenteenager to Maximizing Your Zoom Classroom to timeless issues with fireside chats discussing: The Great Homework Debate, and Success in School vs. Success in Life – What Can We Learn From A Dropout, ToU has something for everyone. 

Partake in one the six Question and Answer sessions with leading Gedolim, and be inspired at Chinuch Today with HaRav Yosef Elefant live from Yerushalayim. And, private one-on-one sessions with leading askanim, professionals and rabbanim will be available to all throughout the entire convention. ToU is not just a collection of online shiurim, it is a full two and a half-day virtual convention. It is a comprehensive experience that will elevate you from morning till night. 

We are all mechanchim. We are all partners in the chinuch of our children, invested in their schools, and have a stake in their future success. We are all part of Torah Umesorah, and we all need to be a part of this convention. 

The ToU Virtual Convention will start on Sunday Evening, June 7 through Tuesday Night, June 9, and will be accessible by registration only. 

Early Bird Registration is FREE, only with the code GoToU, yes, that’s a $1500 value for free. But don’t wait, time is running out on this amazing offer, so CLICK HERE now, or go to and reserve your spot today. 


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