Toronto To Host Shuvu’s Nosi, Dayan Yonason Abraham


Shabbos Parshas Ki Savo promises to be special for the Toronto Jewish community, as London’s Dayan Yonason Abraham, nosi of Shuvu, is scheduled to deliver three drashos and a halacha shiur to the kehillah. On Friday night, Dayan Abraham will be speaking at Agudath Israel (Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Lowy), and on Shabbos morning at Zichron Shneur (Rabbi Dovid Pam). He will be giving an early evening halacha shiur at Tehilos Yisroel (Rabbi Yaakov Kaufman) and will speak following Mincha at Shoavei Mayim (Rabbi Yair Adler). Capping the dayan’s visit will be his address at a reception Sunday, September 10, at 8:45 p.m., at the home of Rav Dovid Pam, 50 Shelbourne Avenue, which the entire community is urged to attend.

Dayan Abraham recognizes Shuvu’s potential to help “change the face of Eretz Yisroel,” and has undertaken his role as Shuvu’s nosi with fiery enthusiasm.
Shuvu combines an engaging limudei kodesh program with a strong limudei chol education that appeals to parents.
“When it comes to bringing Yidden back to Yiddishkeit, I’ve come to realize that kiruv approaches the individual from the outside and chinuch changes the person from the inside. It is a zechus to lead an organization that is transforming the future of Eretz Yisroel,” says Dayan Abraham.

Even before undertaking his formal role in Shuvu, Dayan Abraham, a member of the London Beis Din, has pierced the hearts of audiences with Rav Pam’s message of areivus for every Jewish neshomah.

“Rav Pam spoke of ‘chinuch kodesh for zera kodesh in eretz hakodesh.’ Indeed, there is no other organization that encompasses all of this in a way that appeals directly to the unaffiliated and secular Yidden in Eretz Yisroel,” Dayan Abraham explains.

Since Shuvu’s founding over 25 years ago, it has taught tens of thousands of children and their families, immigrants from the former Soviet Union and more recently, secular Israelis and French immigrant children, what it means to live as a Torah Jew. Today, the demand for a Shuvu chinuch is so strong that new Shuvu schools need to be established and existing schools need to expand. The dayan is leading the charge to make it happen.


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