Town Shuts At Hadlokas Neiros


Many people arriving in Modi’in Illit close to Shabbos found that they could not drive into the town, as its rabbonim had announced days earlier that the roads leading into the town would be shut exactly at hadlokas neiros.

Many had to walk to where they were spending Shabbos. Some were picked up by their hosts, and a security vehicle transported a family that had arrived with a large amount of food for an aufruf.

{ Israel} 


  1. Kol hakavod to the Rabbonim for taking a stand on this issue! People should learn to get where they’re going for Shabbos earlier in the day and should not be driving around after candle lighting!

  2. Technically one could drive until shkiah, and what if there was an emergency and they couldn’t get there sooner? I think sometimes exceptions have to be made


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