Trump Already Planning Return To Middle East To Visit Egypt

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President Donald Trump said Sunday that he is planning a return trip to the Middle East, to visit Egypt.

“We will absolutely be putting that on the list very soon,” Trump said of an upcoming trip to Egypt, during a bilateral meeting with the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, at the Ritz Hotel in Riyadh. The visit would mark the latest step in a major reset in American relations with Egypt.

Trump met with Sisi in April, in the Oval Office, Sisi’s first official visit to the White House since his election in 2014. President Barack Obama never invited Sisi to the White House.

Trump’s next trip abroad is expected to be to the G20 conference in Hamburg in July. He did not say when he would be visiting Egypt, but he praised Sisi as his “friend,” and thanked him for helping organize the release of an American aide worker, Aya Hijazi, who spent three years in an Egyptian prison for human trafficking charges that were widely condemned by human rights groups. Read more at POLITICO.



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