Trump: Biden ‘Mentally Lost,’ ‘Taking Something’ for Clarity


President Donald Trump Tuesday accused Democrat nominee Joe Biden of “taking something” to give him “some clarity” and repeated his call for the former vice president to take a drug test before their first debate later this month.

“I don’t know which Biden is going to show up,” Trump said during an extensive interview on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “I watched him during the debates where they had 20 people on the stage and before they started calling it out, and I watched him and he was a disaster. ”

When show host Steve Doocy reminded Trump he’s said Biden should take a drug test, the president said he still wants testing to happen and added that “I would take one too.”

Doocy then asked if Trump thinks Biden is “taking some sort of drugs to pep him up” and Trump replied “I do. He’s taking something (that) gives him some clarity or whatever.”

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