Trump Calls On Justice Department To Investigate “Crooked Hillary”

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In a trio of Friday morning tweets, Trump addressed the mounting public pressure for the Justice Department to investigate Clinton. Trump suggested law enforcement reopen its probe of the deleted emails from Clinton’s private server while she was secretary of state, as well as a Russian uranium sale and the international business of Democratic super-lobbyist Tony Podesta.

Trump also raised the Clinton campaign’s joint fundraising agreement with the Democratic National Committee that effectively gave her control over the party’s finances, strategy and staffing before the primaries began, as outlined in a new book by former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile.

Trump tweeted: “Everybody is asking why the Justice Department (and FBI) isn’t looking into all of the dishonesty going on with Crooked Hillary & the Dems . . . New Donna B book says she paid for and stole the Dem Primary. What about the deleted E-mails, Uranium, Podesta, the Server, plus, plus . . . People are angry. At some point the Justice Department, and the FBI, must do what is right and proper. The American public deserves it!”

In a fourth tweet, Trump alleged that “the real story on Collusion” is the fundraising agreement detailed in Brazile’s book. The president appears to be conflating the legal term of collusion with a foreign government, which is a subject of Mueller’s Russia investigation, with the financial arrangement Clinton’s campaign made with the DNC.

In his Thursday radio interview, Trump said, “You know, the saddest thing is, because I am the president of the United States I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department. I’m not supposed to be involved with the FBI. I’m not supposed to be doing the kind of things I would love to be doing and I am very frustrated by it.”

Trump said on the radio show, “I look at what’s happening with the Justice Department, why aren’t they going after Hillary Clinton with her emails and with her dossier, and the kind of money . . . I don’t know, is it possible that they paid $12.4 million for the dossier . . . which is total phony, fake, fraud and how is it used? It’s very discouraging to me. I’ll be honest.”

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  1. Not gonna happen. Jeff, floppy ears, Sessions is petrified of being called a sexist. He will never prosecute a woman. He’s a big scaredy cat baby. He should be fired immediately and be replaced by a real man.

  2. Never gonna happen because the Clinton’s have a way to eliminate anyone trying to harm them. Nobody is willing to be next on the Clinton’s Body Count list that already consists of 220 names or more.

    • Hope you’re having fun in Bermuda.

      Meanwhile most real Jews can’t get enough of the current president, who’s the best one Israel and the Jews have had for a long, long time.

  3. How can you prosecute a Democrat if they are in the majority? This would have to be approved by President Schiff, and he would never allow it.


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