Trump Calls Twitter ‘Really Boring,’ Says Press Releases ‘Much More Elegant’

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Former President Trump blasted Twitter in an interview that aired Friday night, calling the social media giant “really boring” and “no good” following his suspension earlier this year.

Trump made the comments during an episode of Fox News’s “Hannity,” arguing that press releases are a “much more elegant” form of communication than Twitter.

“You’re canceled off Twitter. You’re canceled off social media platforms. Now, you put out your presidential statements. They go viral,” host Sean Hannity said to the former president.

“I’m really getting the big word out because we’re doing releases,” Trump responded. “Every time I do a release, it’s all over the place. It’s better than Twitter, much more elegant than Twitter. And Twitter now is very boring. A lot of people are leaving Twitter. Twitter is becoming very, very boring.”

Trump, an avid tweeter before being suspended earlier this year, went on to explain how he viewed the social media company as a “failed thing” prior to his time on the platform.

“When I started with Twitter years ago, it was like a failed thing, concept, media platform. It was failed. And it became exciting. And I think I had a lot to do with it, to be honest with you. It became very exciting. And now it is boring. And it’s no good anymore.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. First came Bazooka
    Then came luck
    Then came Donald
    He was a glut of Twitter

    Lazy but I think that the twitter universe is a bucket for the down-urge of grade-type good. If you think of your friend better than yourself, its yours.

    Bad to see but Donald again is right. A press release is a rage of good.

    Could you say diamond investment? Just buy a computer and read the news. It is more avid.


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