Trump Campaign Selling ‘Baby Lives Matter’ Onesie On Website

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President Donald Trump’s campaign is now offering a onesie for babies on its website with the words “Baby Lives Matter” in the script and style of the “Black Lives Matter” movement logo.

The onesies are designed to highlight the President’s support for the anti-abortion movement. They were originally offered as a promotion around the March for Life in January and remain available for purchase for $18, listed as a “limited edition” item. Trump is the first US president in history to speak at the march, an annual protest in Washington against abortion rights, since the historic Roe v. Wade decision was handed down in 1973.

A campaign spokesperson declined to comment on the sale of the onesies, but confirmed they were offered in conjunction with the March for Life.

Read more at CNN.



    • Charles B Hall, the unwavering Obama/Clinton fan is concerned Pres. Trump (and the rest of us) want to demolish Obamacare.
      Pres. Trump, defund Obamacare !!!

  1. Jews shouldn’t take halacha from christian america. and especially not from Trump who is so obviously morally obtuse!
    if a Rabbi deems a abortion necessary they shouldn’t have to worry if it’s legal or not!

    • Boy are you naive. President Trump is not talking about such abortions.
      And if only you’d have the yiras Shamayim President Trump has.

  2. -anonymous
    your right that in certain very rare cases that might be true but by and large abortion is straight or retsicha


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