Trump: ‘Crazy Bernie Sanders’ Looking ‘Very Good’ Against 2020 Democrats


President Trump noted recent polls indicating a recent surge by Sen. Bernie Sanders in a Sunday afternoon tweet.

“Wow! Crazy Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls, looking very good against his opponents in the Do Nothing Party. So what does this all mean? Stay tuned!” Trump tweeted.

Sanders, meanwhile, responded to Trump’s tweet shortly after, tweeting “it means you’re going to lose.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Hi, Bernie here
    I’m none too steady
    (More nuts, it’s clear
    Than Crazy Eddie)

    For the well-off
    I’m antivenin
    My hat I doff
    To V.I. Lenin

    Outlaw each car
    Ban every plane
    Make me your Czar
    I’m almost sane

    Here’s a surprise
    Though I’m a Jew
    Trump, I despise
    (And Israel, too)

    With my free will
    And sans duress
    I gladly shill
    For BDS

    Never unsure
    He’s never hazy
    His delusions pure
    And grandly crazy

    Our Marxist hack
    Our commie sage
    He’ll lead us back
    To the stone age


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