Trump Delivered A Speech In Front Of A Fake Presidential Seal That Showed A Russian Imperial Eagle Clutching Golf Clubs

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President Donald Trump took to the stage at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington, DC, on Tuesday to deliver a speech to thousands of young, cheering supporters at the Turning Point USA conference and no one seemed to notice the official seal of the POTUS had been switched out.

The presidential seal displayed on a giant screen behind Trump as he addressed the conference had been doctored to show what appeared to be a Russian imperial eagle clutching golf clubs. Also visible is a fistful of dollars held in the eagle’s claw on the left of the image, and a series of hammer and sickle designs in place of the stars on the US flag in the middle of the seal.

A representative for Turning Point USA told The Post he didn’t know where the image came from or how it ended up on a screen behind the president.

Read more at Business Insider.



  1. This is a terrible development. How much more proof do we need that Trump colluded with the Russians? Trump should resign immediately.


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