Trump: Doctors Are Lying About COVID-19 to Damage My Re-Election Chances

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President Trump says that doctors are purposefully lying about the novel coronavirus pandemic because they want to harm his chances of re-election later this year, the Daily Beast reports.


Today, Trump retweeted Chuck Woolery as he dismissed medical experts as politically-motivated liars. The tweet read: “The most outrageous lies are the ones about COVID-19. Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust. I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it.”



  1. It seems that Trump is doing his best to make sure that he loses the election.
    Biden may not be able to beat Trump, but Trump will see to it that Trump loses.

  2. This is not ludicrous at all. Nor is it a conspiracy theory. How many doctors actually know anything about the virus? How many pediatricians have any first hand knowledge of this novel virus that nobody knows anything about? So are the doctors lying or biased? I don’t think the majority of them are. But the guys on top? Does anybody really believe that Anthony Fauci and the rest of his cronies on the CDC don’t have an agenda? These people have been part of the establishment forever and are much more comfortable dealing with democrats than with Trump. So when the doctors repeat the politically driven opinions of the biased higher ups, it is not their opinion but that of the biased officials. I wish people would open their eyes more to the extreme corruption in the upper echelon of the medical community.

  3. when corona was roaring, NONE of the lying filthy mainstream biased media were wearing masks during daily briefings. Once corona baruch Hashem left us,all of a sudden ALL those so called journalists began donning masks to the press conferences and this includes Fauci! You can see that they want to stretch out this false narrative till election day so that Trump will be depicted as an incompetent fool! even some dumb comments here show that it works with some gullible people. we must daven that most people see through this and all the shams they try and we sweep President Trump back for four more years in a historic landslide!!!

    • Hello a, may I point it out to you that when there were heavy restrictions, programs were recorded in empty TV studios that had a camera and possibly a distant operator. Or in eerily empty streets. It’s likely that the operator, besides wearing a mask, had been checked…. this was done for the TV make-up and hairdressing people. Do you think underpaid and overworked “so-called journalists” would want to catch the virus on top of that?? You can go ahead and catch the virus to prove your favorite President is a competent genius. We will do our best to stay alive and healthy, whoever the next President will be. Actually, regardless if elections will be held, or if their result will be gratefully accepted.

  4. Remember that announcement signed by over a thousand (alleged) medical professionals that these “demonstrations” supersede “social distancing” (and all other such measures that would inhibit these “protests”)? Was that “scientific” or simply anti-Trump politics?

  5. Trump is a little nuts and seems intent on losing the election if he keeps tweeting conspiracy theories and wild statements. It’s a real shud because despite himself, he has been one of the bests presidents in general that we’ve ever had and particularly for us as frum Yidden. לב מלאכים ושרים ביד ד


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