Trump Fires Off Three Dozen Tweets in 12 Hours

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Over a 12-hour period Sunday, President Donald Trump fired off roughly three dozen tweets or retweets.
The tweets included missives that demanded the return of suspended Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, lashing out at three other Fox News anchors deemed insufficiently loyal, criticizing Sen. John McCain, railing against the “deep state” and Democrat Ilhan Omar, thanking GOP senators who didn’t defect from his declared national emergency to build his border wall, and asking if the “Federal Election Commission and/or FCC” should investigate NBC’s “not funny” Saturday Night Live re-run for being too mean to him, among many other posts.


  1. Only the fake news gives a hoot about how many tweets the president send out. Everything they do and write is to try to preaent the president in a bad light. As I’d he is wasting time twittering. Just go read at how much stuff he does every day. Obama in comparison did nothing except take vacations.


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