Trump Foreign Policy Adviser Accused of Holocaust Denial

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Allegations of anti-Semitism and Holocaust diminishment have emerged against one of Donald Trump’s foreign-policy advisers. According to complaints leveled by former colleagues, former Department of Defense inspector general Joseph Schmitz bragged about firing Jewish employees and questioned whether the Holocaust could have killed as many Jewish people as widely reported.

“His summary of his tenure’s achievement reported as ‘…I fired the Jews,’ ” wrote Daniel Meyer, a former IG colleague of Schmitz’s, in a complaint obtained by McClatchy DC. “In his final days, he allegedly lectured [former top Pentagon official John] Crane on the details of concentration camps and how the ovens were too small to kill 6 million Jews.” Schmitz has adamantly denied ever being accused of such anti-Semitism, but three ex-colleagues have cited his controversial remarks, including one person who has testified under oath about them. Read more at MCCLATCHY DC.



  1. I’m not defending this guy don’t know who he is. But I do know George Soros YM”S
    gave Dems and Hillary over 13 billion, yes billion.
    He’s probably one of the most evil man on the plant!

  2. Shady.

    Trump is cramped with so many criminals.

    Witness why Jews are always the commodity that often can not work in America in higher offices; especially Torah jews.

    This is common place hate. Israel will continue to have to work for human rights, work place rights and always holocaust education.

    This can not stand and Trump should make a stand. He won’t likely do so. His statue is touring the world naked and he has no common voice for any liberty more than his own gold fork and spoon.

    Massive hate from a big place in political eager waged time. This story is alarming.

    Never Again.

  3. An anti-Semite? He mistakenly joined the wrong campaign. The Crooked Hillary campaign is the place where an anti-Semite would feel at home.

  4. Anti Semites. All over crooked Hillary is crawling with anti Semites. Rev al Sharpthon and the rest of the black live matters group are Hillary stodges


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