Trump: “I Wish Obama Would Say ISIS, Like Almost Everyone Else, Rather Than ISIL”

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donald trumpGOP front-runner Donald Trump hyped up his live-tweeting during President Obama’s rare Oval Office address on Sunday night.

Trump said six hours before Obama’s address that he would be live-tweeting the speech, and then again an hour before, to remind all his followers.

“BIG NIGHT ON TWITTER TONIGHT. I WILL BE LIVE TWEETING PRESIDENT OBAMA’S SPEECH AT 7:50 P.M.,” the Republican candidate wrote, insisting that Obama discuss radical Islamic terrorism, a phrase that he’s declined to use.

By the end of the address, Trump said he was disappointed in how brief the speech was. He was also upset at the president’s word choice.

He wrote:

Wish Obama would say ISIS, like almost everyone else, rather than ISIL.


  1. The current name is actually IS (Islamic State). They changed the IS to IL, and then later dropped the IL completely back in June 2014.
    We should all refer to them to by the arabic acronym: Da’esh, as they do in Israel and he rest of the Middle East.

  2. I do not like Trump myself, but I will make one commentary on this issue.

    If you realize that ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, you might be a bit afraid to consider this a good term. The Levant also refers to the land of Israel by the arabs. This legitimizes the arab claim to jewish land to indicate that this is a monicker to discuss ISIS. ISIS is more intelligent. Daesh clearly possible. But ISIL makes the idea of taking Israel a legitimate conversation for the arabs. So I too use ISIS and not ISIL. Mr. Obama is not politically sensitive to Arab and Israeli issues. Perhaps that is the issue.

    I would not think that Obama has any other political motive other than to legitimize some of the rancid discussion on limited liberty in our foundations of freedom. Clearly ISIL is not used well often on the news and we might want to know the common mistake of using this term.

    But again, Trump is a criminal. We should be very careful.



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