Trump: Muslim-American Assimiliation Close to Nonexistent

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Donald Trump, once again stating the truth, said that Muslim-Americans’ assimilation is “close” to “nonexistent.” In an interview Tuesday evening with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said he believes it is difficult to vet Muslim immigrants for who seeks to cause harm to the U.S., adding, “Assimilation has been very hard. It’s almost—I won’t say nonexistent, but it gets to be pretty close. I’m talking about second- and third-generation. They come, they don’t—for some reason there’s no real assimilation.”

Trump also stated that of the 8 million Muslims living in the United States, an unspecified “percentage” of those seek to engage in terror. “There is a percentage of people that want to do what this maniac did in Orlando. There’s a percentage of people. That percentage becomes—the number of people become more and more as we take in thousands and thousands of more people.” Read more at Vox.



  1. This is ridiculous.

    Any Torah jew knows that a soul does not “assimilate” among the others. It must find its own faith and identity in a war of hate that continues in human voice.

    The safe bet is that we must aggregate. I aggregate to find Torah. I think my muslim friends can aggregate in their community just to stay safe in an islamophobic world.

    Still, the aggregate has a larger scale. American Citizenry. We aggregate to find our faith in the melting pot and the American Dream.

    Assimilate if you think that is good. The Borg (Star Trek) were not the better favor. They knew assimilation!

    And if you think Torah is futile, go look at our elders who lived great lives. They are special and they by no means assimilated into the bar room or the mood of an American culture.

    Stay hopeful friends, we can be right to discuss politics with our islamic neighbor and have friends in the workplace if we are special to our own values.

    The war is not Ishmael against the world. It is hate and terror that we must describe, discuss, react to and remove from all of our communities. And hate will assimilate.

    Be careful. We are not meant to live in a Trump world.

    War and heresy must be controlled and redirected. We can win this era.

    Baruch Hashem.

  2. Yeah, this kind of language gives me pause. Bobby Jindal also speaks about assimilation.
    There is a balance of being able to interact with and be part of society without losing one’s identity. And maintaining one’s identity can make a person that much of a better citizen.


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