Trump: ‘Nobody Wants Sleepy Joe as a Leader’

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President Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed that “nobody wants” Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden “as a leader” following their debate Tuesday night, their first in this election.

“Nobody wants Sleepy Joe as a leader, including the Radical Left (which he lost last night!),” Trump tweeted on Wednesday. “He disrespected Bernie [Sanders], effectively calling him a loser!”

He added that moderator Chris Wallace “had a tough night. Two on one was not surprising, but fun. Many important points made, like throwing Bernie, AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.] PLUS 3, and the rest, to the wolves! Radical Left is dumping Sleepy Joe. Zero Democrat enthusiasm, WEAK Leadership!”

Trump claimed during the debate that he was debating Biden and Wallace after the Fox News anchor had to repeatedly ask the president to stop interrupting and talking over his opponent.

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  1. Please don’t share this info.

    I want Trump to win but don’t need to hear every sordid tweet of his.

    Mechana shem L’chavorey is a serious avaira.

    I know they are goyim and that the Democrats are also guilty of terrible bein odom l’chavorey aveiras.

    But unless this impacts policy or is so well known that everyone will hear about it anyway please don’t share it. We don’t need their bad influences.

    • If fake news would be able to they’d make Trump’s rating 20%. In Real News his rating is over 90%. Remember when Hillary’s rating in 2016 was always a few points higher than Trump’s or close to his and she ended up with 12% of the American people voting for her?


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