Trump: Rahm Emanuel Should Seek Federal Help To Stop Chicago Violence

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The city of Chicago had an especially violent 2016, and if its mayor, former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, can’t make the city safer, President-elect Donald Trump said he must seek the help of the federal government, POLITICO reports.

The Chicago Police Department announced Sunday that there were 762 murders in the city in 2016 and 4,331 shooting victims. It was the most murders the city has had in 20 yearsand higher than the totals of New York City and Los Angeles, the only two American cities larger than Chicago, put together. Trump cited those statistics in a post to Twitter on Monday, criticizing Emanuel, an Obama ally who left the White House to run for mayor of Chicago in 2010.

“Chicago murder rate is record setting – 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. If Mayor can’t do it he must ask for Federal help!” Trump wrote.

Despite his past criticisms of Trump, Emanuel has spoken to and met with the president-elect, just as other big-city mayors have done. He used his face-to-face meeting with Trump last month to urge the president-elect and his staff to reconsider their hardline approach to illegal immigration. A spokesman for Emanuel said in a statement that the mayor was “heartened” to hear that Trump is taking an interest in crime prevention in Chicago. POLITICO


  1. Emmanuel cannot under any circumstances seek Federal assistance in crime fighting. There is so much corruption in the Chicago Police Department and City/County government in general that is the Feds move in, there will be more arrests of politicians and administrators than of street criminals.

    Under the previous administration, he could have gotten away with it, but the previous administration didn’t care about the murders in the city, so no help was offered.

  2. This yukel can’t keep his city safe, and consistently blames a significant portion of violence on the gangs of illegals. At the very same time, he not only gives them sanctuary, but asks the incoming president to go softer on those criminals? Typical Obama enabler – I know what needs to be dine, and know how to do it, but will do the very opposite, and will “vet out” the results.

  3. The WHITE Emanuel couldn’t care less about the blacks being slaughtered on the streets. The dumb voters, apparently, don’t care either.


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