Trump Retweets Election Map After W.Va. Rally


President Trump retweeted a 2016 election map early Friday morning showing the United States color-coded by precinct, which shows a mostly deep-red country with pockets of blue scattered across the landscape.

The tweet came the morning after Trump held a campaign-style rally in West Virginia, telling the crowd “there were no Russians” in his 2016 team and dismissing as a “fake story” ongoing probes into Moscow’s hacking related to last year’s election. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Great idea for the world to spend today wondering more about the election that most do not agree was realistic to continue a democracy in the future.

    I wonder and would be concerned what this man is even working on in his office. How does this map he posted reflect the current needs of a nation with ongoing social welfare, crime and international involved needs?

    Where is the human accomplishment?

    Dream of a better president. There are 300,000,000 other Americans waiting for a chance. We can do anything better than sit tight for hate.

    Drastic lost war.

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