Trump Says FDA Slowing Virus Research to Hurt Him in Election

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President Donald Trump suggested Saturday that employees at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are attempting to sabotage his re-election campaign by slowing down research on coronavirus treatments.

Trump tweeted that members of “the deep state” at the regulatory agency are making it hard for drug companies to “get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics” and “obviously” want to delay progress until after Nov. 3, Election Day.

Trump also recycled criticism of the FDA’s decision in June to revoke an emergency use authorization of the malaria drug hydrochloroquine for treating Covid-19.

“Many doctors and studies disagree with this!” Trump tweeted.

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  1. FDA has done a lot of stupid things over the past few decades. 30 years ago there was an anti-histamine available that worked wonders for many. It was during a time when the liberal media was pushing feminism. It turned out that women and only women who took it together with particular type of antibiotic could suffer fatal repercussions. Never mind that that criteria of combining prescription medications is a common problem which is why they need to be prescribes, the FDA took it off the market because of the feminine factor. Purely political and those who benefited now how to suffer. The excuse was that there othe rmedications that supposedly did the same thing ignoring the fact that thay didn’t work some people. Political correctness governs the FDA.

    Also, if the FDA regulated cars, we would all still be riding horses.

  2. hydrochloroquine s/b given to everyone that needs it. it s/b made as an over-the-counter drug and make it available to everyone with ID


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