Trump Says He’ll Sign Order Cutting Drug Prices ‘Very Soon’

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President Donald Trump said he plans to sign a “very inclusive” health-care plan “very soon” — perhaps as soon as Sunday — that will result in Americans paying significantly less for pharmaceutical drugs.

“I want what’s right for the people,” he said at a press briefing in Florida on Friday. “We’re going to bring our drug prices down to levels that nobody ever thought possible.”

Trump described on Friday a “favored nations” plan under which his administration would take the country that has the lowest drug prices as the yardstick for what Americans should be charged.

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  1. Maybe you wonder why he is signing a Bolshevik order? That’s because he is a clone operated by newly appointed president Sanders. if you are not a sheeple idiot, you surely noticed the change in hairstyle. Former President Trump was coronavirused for disrespecting Elvis at a reptilian dinner.

  2. President Trump should sign an EO to make hydroxychloroquine available over the counter. Now, that would be a major accomplishment, especially since hydroxychloroquine cures corona, as well as, cancer within a day or so.


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