Trump Spokeswoman Warns: No ‘Next Election’ Without Repairing 2020 Contest

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“When all these Republicans and RINOs (Republican In Name Only) suddenly start pretending like they cared about election integrity, it’s always the next election,” she said. “Well, what the base is focused on, what the average American is focused on, regardless of your party if you were paying attention during the election, what you were focused on, is we can never allow this to happen again. And we have to fix what happened in 2020 or otherwise there’s not going to be a next election,” Harrington told One America News Network’s Natalie Harp on Monday.

“Really, all this talk now of election integrity and stopping H.R. 1, stopping the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, isn’t that an admission that something was wrong on Nov. 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7? All the aftermath and all the rigging and all the cheating that went on — that is an acknowledgment that the system that the Democrats and their allies in big tech put into place [that] they’re trying to make permanent,” she said.

“The best poll was Election Day, seeing the turnout and really the best truth because we know these counties like Fulton County in Georgia, Wayne County in Detroit, in Phoenix, Maricopa, in Allegheny, in Philadelphia. We know they’ve been crooked for decades, but the turnout on Election Day made them take it to a whole different level.”

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    • Get ready for a big surprise. Trump won in ALL 50 States. You’ll soon see.
      #2, still think the guy under the facial mask is Biden?

    • Completely agree. I voted Trump, but my guy lost. It’s happened before, it may happen again – so be it. We make our hishtadlus and, regardless of who wins, we daven that G-d gives our leaders the wisdom to what’s best.

    • In what dreamland could that possible have happened?
      It didn’t.

      President Trump obviously had the election stolen from him. It’s not even a question.

  1. President Trump had every chance to fix things when he was in office: he could have fired thousands of bureaucrats, he could have hired and promoted pure ideological conservatives, he could have declassified the claws out of the unaccountable secret agencies, he could have declared a federal emergency during the scamdemic and taken away emergency powers from the socialist-fascist governors, he could have declared a federal emergency during the blm riots and saved the American cities, etcetera, etcetera. President Trump didn’t do any of the above. President Trump’s strong side is trolling the establishment, but he is not good at the governmental strategic games, and he is horrible as a human resources manager. Let DeSantis run in 2024; he has proven his determination and skill, despite his relatively quite demeanor. Pitbulls don’t bark but they sure bite.


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