Trump to Drop ‘Muslim’ from Proposed Immigrant Ban

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Donald Trump’s campaign is readying a policy memo that will replace his controversial call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration with a ban on people from countries known to train and equip terrorists, NEWSMAX reports.

Trump made much the same statement this past weekend when asked about his immigration policy during an interview when he was promoting his new golf course in Scotland.

“I want terrorists out. I want people that have bad thoughts out. I would limit specific terrorist countries and we know who those terrorist countries are,” Trump told reporters in Scotland.

Panelists on CNN’s “The Situation Room” Monday called Trump’s newest proposal no better than his previous calls for a complete Muslim ban and showed he still isn’t thinking seriously about the issue.

“He may be able to do it optically and rhetorically, but that’s a ridiculous proposal,” said conservative pundit S.E. Cupp. “Just look at some of the recent European terrorist attacks, perpetrated by Europeans. Yes, Muslims, but Europeans. How would we stop a homegrown European terrorist from coming over if they are coming from France or Brussels or Great Britain?”

Trump appears to be “cowing” to Republican leaders who have accused him of going too far on the Muslim ban, Cupp said. Read more at NEWSMAX.




  1. Every country has terrorist citizens, and so does (sadly) every religion, ethnicity, political opinion. There are countries which lock up their terrorists, other countries which put up a facade effort and when possible ignore, and yet other countries which gladly support their terrorists and their operations in their homecountries and abroad.


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