Trump To Pardon Susan B. Anthony Over 1872 Voting Arrest

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President Trump said he will pardon Susan B. Anthony, the leader of the women’s suffrage movement who was arrested for violating male-only voting laws in 1872, at an event later Tuesday.

“I will be signing a full and complete pardon for Susan B. Anthony,” he told reporters at the White House. “She was never pardoned.”

The pardon comes 100 years to the day after the 19th Amendment, which ensured women’s right to vote, was ratified.

Anthony was arrested at her Rochester, NY, home, and at a later trial was found guilty of voting “without a lawful right to vote” and fined $100.

Read more at NY Post.



  1. she wouldn’t want a pardon, the idea was being arrested for voting, a right women did not have. he thinks women are so stupid, keeps pandering to women with ridiculous behavior.

  2. It feels nice in America. Susan is so accomplished. The flappers followed her era and now we have the junk of mall walkers.

    Why the 19th Amendment worked so well is that no lady has to answer to anyone. No father can tell her who she can look past or whom she can sift to. A good place in history. Has mankind ever looked better than Nixon and Kissinger? Maybe we can just answer to Lincoln. He never hit a woman too hard and he never wished to see them harmed. Wonder how hard that must have been.

    But its good today. Fit the 19th. Its just the bet its the number of good will.

    • No. During her lifetime she was adamant about not being pardoned; she wanted her trial, conviction, and fine (which she never paid) to be a symbol of injustice. She certainly would object to Trump giving her a pardon.


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