Trump Tweets Video Of Elijah Cummings Calling Baltimore ‘Drug Infested’

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President Trump on Wednesday tweeted a video clip that shows Rep. Elijah Cummings describing his hometown of Baltimore as a “drug-infested area” during a Congressional hearing 20 years ago.

“The Radical Left Dems went after me for using the words ‘drug-infested’ concerning Baltimore. Take a look at Elijah C.,” Trump wrote.

On the 30-second clip, the Maryland Democrat says, “This morning, I left my community of Baltimore, a drug-infested area where a lot of the drugs that we’re talking about today have already taken the lives of so many children.”

“The same children that I watched 14 or 15 years ago as they grew up, now walking around like zombies. This is only 40 miles away from here,” he adds.

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  1. Trump is a racist for exposing this doctored photo shopped clip. Trump is trying to stir up racial tensions again. I’m very concerned about backlash now against the African-American community. One can never trust those evil white middle class bigoted racists. I’m afraid for Elijah’s personal well-being. Trump must resign immediately or he will be impeached first thing in the morning.

  2. What a hypocrite. Wake up fellow Baltimoreans….vote this loser out next time around. He and his fellow swamp dwelling Democrats have done nothing to fix the broken city in more than 50 years of being in power. Only the other Donald, Mayor Schaefer, did anything positive for the city. Millions if not billions of tax dollars have lined someone’s pockets! That money sure hasn’t gone to helping clean up and fix the infrastructure of Baltimore.

  3. Lynn Patton, HUD administrator says: “Trump gave $16 BILLION dollars in 2018 alone in federal grants to Cumming’s district … more money in homeless funds to Baltimore than the last administration … more money in community development grants than the last administration to Baltimore.”


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