Trump Urges GOP: Pass Health Care or Else

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President Trump is urging a vote on the American Health Care Act on Friday after the vote was postponed Thursday due to a lack of sufficient support to pass it. According to the Washington Post, he delivered an ultimatum: pass the bill or he will move on from the repeal-and-replace cause. House Speaker Paul Ryan will call the vote on Friday after a series of negotiations took place with Trump and his aides on Thursday.

At this stage, there are still not enough committed votes for the bill to pass and there are attempts to negotiate with conservatives to back the bill. Republicans came up with a proposed change to the measure on Thursday evening which would eliminate the law’s “essential benefits” that insurers must offer under the Affordable Care Act. Those include mental-health treatment, wellness visits, and maternity and newborn care. Read more at THE WASHINGTON POST.


  1. It looks like the Republicans decided that with all the faults of Obamacare they are not in the position to dismantle it and throw so many people off insurance and they have no cheaper alternative to offer. This is just a way to save face for keeping Obamacare.


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