Trump: “Waste of Time” for Cruz to Pick VP

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GOP front-runner Donald Trump called Ted Cruz’s anticipated running mate announcement a ruse to stay relevant and a “waste of time,” THE HILL reports.

Cruz, in an apparent act of desperation, announced Wednesday that Carly Fiorina will be his vice presidential running mate if he is the Republican nominee for president. Announcing a running mate is an unusual step that comes as he trails GOP front-runner Donald Trump by a wide margin and faces an increasingly narrow path to the Republican nomination.

“Cruz has no path to victory – he is only trying to stay relevant,” Trump said in a statement Wednesday. “… Senator Cruz has millions of votes less than me and is being clobbered on the delegate front, this is a pure waste of time.”

The announcement follows Trump’s five-state sweep Tuesday, in which he declared himself the party’s presumptive nominee. Cruz won only three delegates Tuesday night.




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