TRV NEWS: Farm Fresh Closed Temporarily By Inspectors

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TRV NEWS – Lakewood, NJ – Farm Fresh, the only 24 hour kosher grocery in Lakewood, NJ, and one of the most popular supermarkets in the growing town, has been closed down until further notice.

Farm Fresh was shut down by the township for some environmental issue related to the wetlands behind the store. Askonim are working to get the store reopened ASAP.

Reports of a wine issue are incorrect. The store has a valid liquor license and all the wine is in the right place.

A TRV News correspondent spoke with the owner and he stated that the close is only temporary, and he is working to get the store re-opened as soon as possible for the Pesach rush.



  1. Amazing. Who is TRV? How many intrepid reporters do they have? Do they have a press pass for the White House briefings? Do they do interviews on Jewish News Channel?

  2. Americas mind has snapped !! wetlends??!! some mud behind a store becomes an issue , there are so many critical issues facing the nation these sick environmentalist choose to ” protect” dirt over humans similar to the aspca that protects animals and does nothing about world hunger, domestic violence, obesity,guns and slumsl and & animals must be treated fairly but ther is a hiarchy and priorities


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