Twitter Blocks Trump Campaign For ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’

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Twitter briefly blocked President Donald Trump’s campaign account, @teamtrump, from posting on its social network for violating the company’s policy on coronavirus misinformation.

Trump’s personal account, @realDonaldTrump, had retweeted a post of a video that included an interview Trump did Wednesday with Fox News where he said children are “virtually immune” from getting COVID-19.

“They don’t have a problem, they just don’t have a problem,” Trump added, as part of an argument for why schools should reopen. “It doesn’t have an impact on them. I’ve watched some doctors say they’re totally immune.”

Twitter said the @teamtrump account was prohibited from posting until the clip was removed. No action was taken on the president’s own account. The @teamtrump account resumed posting Wednesday evening and the video clip appeared to have been taken down.

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  1. It’s a scary Orwellian situation when such a massively influential public information channel becomes the de facto proprietor of ‘the truth’. Really, it’s even worse, as it’s more like Orwellian disguised as a harmless friend. And moreso, it’s not like a strict standard they enforce – they get to capriciously pick and choose what “truths” to allow through or not.

    A question to the legal experts reading this, please:
    I understand how Free Speech is ‘docheh’ by words that incite violence etc. But, legally, how does one’s free speech stack up against misinformation, even potentially harmful misinformation. And where do you draw the line? If, say, someone claims or quotes a conspiracy theory about who killed JFK or that the Earth is flat, is it just because it’s probably less harmful misinformation that we don’t have to bother censoring it?

  2. The Republicans better wake up and do something

    Why is Twitter not considered a full fledge publisher? They should be liable for lawsuits!


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