Two Florida SWAT Officers Suspended For Responding To Parkland Shooting


Two SWAT team members from a Florida police department have been suspended from duty over their decision to respond without permission to the shooting at a high school that killed 17 students and faculty last month.

The Florida Sun-Sentinel reported on Wednesday that two SWAT officers from the Miramar Police Department who were on duty headed to the high school when a gunman started shooting, even though they hadn’t been instructed to. According to the police department, that created a safety issue that resulted in their suspension.

Police union officials defended the two officers telling reporters, “While it may have been a violation of policy to not notify their supervisors that they were going there, their intentions were brave and heroic.”

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  1. So the SWAT officers, whose training is for precisely that type of situation, are suspended for rushing to the scene. Meanwhile, the armed law enforcement people who were actually there but didn’t attempt to stop the shooting are still drawing their salaries (except for Scot Peterson). Unreal.

  2. Woe to those who lack faith in these mainstream reports or questioning any part for its honesty, accuracy and integrity. They’ll be deemed apikorus and kicked off from the site.

  3. With this type of mentality we can understand why Scott Peterson and others didnt go in to the building. Who needs the legal nightmare that could have happend if they shot the wrong person.

  4. If this us true then my hope is that whoever makes these crazy decisions ends up in a situation where he needs someone to save him but doesn’t get that help due to “protocol”

  5. Upside down world. Corruption has now become the norm. What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. But one is NEVER allowed to question anything our government or law enforcement does. NEVER! Just be silent and be led to the slaughter like sheep.

  6. They put up signs if you see something say something. No way. I would not report anything even if I saw Arabs going on a terror attack. They will accuse you of racism. Mind your own business.

    • You are %100 percent right. You can thank that evil impeached criminal, Eric Witholder. It’s all about the R A C E. One must always ask: What is the suspects race? What is the victims race? The dreaded Thought Police are constantly searching for HATE crimes suspects.


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